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  1. People don't defend T2 because he hasn't placed competitively in this game let alone really put the time in since like season 1 H2A. I am sure if people see him placing in the top 16 or competing consistently there will be people who support him
  2. I get where your logic is coming from but I completely disagree that all the top players are already on pro teams. Season 1 seeds were literally decided by the first online cup when the game first game out and the by amount you grinded on the gb ladder ( gb ladder didn't do much because the teams that got top 16 grinded aswell and for every win you only got 5 points versus the 500+ points you'd get off a decent placing in a qualifier). So teams like overdrive and other teams made it into the top 16. From there players that didn't do the first cup or didn't compete at the time or didn't even have a proper team at the time got screwed. Every cup after that they would have to play a top 8 team around round 3 which gets you literally nada points. The teams that made it in the first cup were pretty much given easier teams until the later brackets where they secured larger quantities of points. I know more than one amateur player who can play at a level equivalent to some of the players on some of these top 16 teams and that's not including the various pro players/former pro players who are trying to compete again. Since we were talking about Ogre 2, Ogre 2 was on a Halo 5 pro team and he was getting pro placings in the qualifiers so when it comes down to it he should be able to compete at a pro level in Halo 5. Whether pro teams pick him up I think has a lot to do with more of how the players mesh and the way they want to play the game.
  3. All these statement are interesting in terms of how certain players are not that good or as good in halo 5 and then these statements lead into how halo 5 should be played. yeah this halo is slightly different, you got all these new mechanics that speed up the pace of the game and then you got all these other features that include radar and an array of automatic weapons with fast kill times. And yeah that changes the way the game is played on an individual level versus the old traditional mechanics where the movement and resultant pace is much slower. But like in all the other games when you play flag once you get control you force a spawn and watch cutoffs, angles of routes players will take off spawn to stop a flag run and you generally focus on the immediate routes so that the other team has to take the longest possible route. When you play slayer it's still the same logic and thinking process. You still set up for power weapons and you still focus on getting a pick. Then you abuse your numerical advantage and push the other team or you get overshield or a power weapon or camo and abuse its properties to get a pick so you can push or you flip the map so that you are in a better position to get the next round of weapons. Everything is just at a faster pace. I can rant about strongholds and the other game types like assault but everything is the same: know how to influence spawns, focus on slaying or getting some sort of advantage before getting map position, use position to get power weapons and etc. push together, watch cut offs. Only real difference is the mechanics and how you use them to accomplish those things. If you are going to tell me Ogre 2 or some of the older pro players can't succeed in this game because it's "too different" you couldn't be any more in the wrong.
  4. No I don't but I think he deserved it for taking three lesser known players and building a team that got second. Thats a seasonal thing. I truthfully don't think allegiance would have gotten second without him.
  5. I'm not a fan of the optic halo team what so ever but I recognize experience and capability. They have two national champs on their roster and a guy who put together a top 2 team for last season with players quite frankly that I doubt you, myself and most of the halo community thought would go the distance. So yeah I am insinuating that they are going to qualify for the pro league and if they don't immediately I am sure they'll find themselves at the forefront of the challenger league and eventually in the pro league bracket.
  6. They picked up two last minute players and made it to regionals and yeah Naded was on a top 2 team and was voted as the mvp. I hate posts like yours because you are just that kid that didn't think optic would win the LCQ, that kid that didn't think that allegiance would make it top 2 and probably blew a fuse when someone from allegiance did get the mvp. You see the pattern here? Everything you thought to be right ended up wrong lol but hey keep thinking.
  7. Paradigm


    Actually going to play in this
  8. Dudes just roast and don't think. Keep shitting on optic, just don't bandwagon when at the end of the season you see what two former mlg champs and the league mvp can do when they want it.
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