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  1. Well as of right now I got 9 friends online with full custom lobbies in H3 and they are not competing.
  2. Yeah team death match against A.I Oh and its called Virus
  3. This is a dumb question but i just have to make sure. Can you make custom matches against yourself like in timesplitters 2? and pick which characters and weapons could be on maps?
  4. This thread made me want ot buy an original xbox just for time splitters again. I had time splitters 2, is time splitters future perfect better?
  5. Some people also say companies pay review sites to score their games higher..
  6. Dudeee i will DESTROY anyone on twisted system! I remember playing that game along with CE all day. I would be top 16 if FF was on the circuit :goat:
  7. From now on I don't believe anything unless coachmayne confirms it. We are kind forced to go by those rules now.
  8. It makes sense, I would say it is 80% because it was free. If H4 is playable on XOneand becomes free in 3 years do you think it will even be 20th? I think it will still be on the chart for one more month. I don't think people just played a few games and dropped it.
  9. Halo 3 didn't just make it to the 20th or 19th spot. It went past halo 4. Do you think that if halo 4 was free in a few months that it would even jump up more than a spot? Word of mouth says Halo 4 is bad and people won't bother to even download it. People download H3 because they have good memories of it. When they saw it on the xbox live menu they probably said "Hey its halo 3! Its been so long and i had such a good time with it, lets hop on"
  10. Halo 3 Passes Halo 4 on Xbox Activity Chart. It didn't pass halo 4 ONLY because it was free. Other factos: - AGL H3 was coming up - People still desire classic halo - People don't play games just because they are free, they must have FUN playing them. http://majornelson.com/2013/11/07/live-activity-for-week-of-oct-28/
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