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  1. These are pretty fair assessments, I'd say... while I've been pretty okay with the automatic scoping in the past (I haven't personally seen it as THAT big of an issue), I could definitely get behind these... although I do think the 5sk Magnum feels fantastic as it is. What makes it weird to me is that the DMR is also a 5sk... You have this big "tank" of a rifle doing essentially the same damage-output as a pistol... where if it was say a much slower RoF, 3sk "mini-sniper" style of weapon, a higher RoF 5sk starting sidearm starts to make a lot more sense and feel a lot less redundant.
  2. Scout rifles FTW... was playing a match on Midtown last night and got a quick Triple kill at range. It's super hard to take on multiple opponents though... seems like any decent multi-kills are entirely situational and dependent on team pushes. As you guys have said, rock-paper-scissors gun-play in MP... every time you win a 1v1 it's like you're 1-2 shots from death. Kind of annoying in that regard... As for the story/campaign though, I don't really play many video games besides Halo, and a few racing and sports games on occasion. I've dabbled with Siege and played my fair share of D1... but D2 so far, it's probably the most fun I've had with a Campaign mode since the OG Halo trilogy. It's hard to explain why, but the presentation just feels so much better this time around and the game actually has a plot. Gorgeous graphics and locales... the gameplay is obviously great. I played a solid 6-8 hours straight last night. Bungie's still got it... the game is addicting. Just my brief impressions and/or "review" so far...
  3. Agreed, but I always enjoyed the Chess-match style stalemates that high-level Guardian matches provided, especially really tight, end of the game scenarios... it basically came down to who made the first mistake. Just my opinion though...
  4. Not updating H2A MP with H3A content... (another) missed opportunity. Imagine how sick an updated Guardian or Construct would look in the H2A engine.
  5. I'd like to see custom options for aim-assist and bullet-mag tuning, especially with the classic playlist coming out... values are way too high for classic Halo.
  6. I still have trouble knowing Blue base from Red base without looking, or having a visual indicator on-screen...
  7. Seriously man, they have a serious "big boy" complex or something... as if they think the "work" they do over there is so important. You'd think they were getting paid for it with how strictly they police the forums there. The absolute worst-managed forum I've ever seen on the Internet. They've built a safe-space community... anyone who challenges their noob ideals or criticizes 343 (not a bad thing) gets banned... it's what the franchise needs. Put the developer in-check... it's the only way things are going to get better, and there they are over there, filtering feedback and thus enabling the same faulty 343 practices! It's such a shame man. Really... that Halo has come to this. Bunch of trolls...
  8. Your point about crouching at corners with auto's isn't so much a problem with the auto's as much as it is with the map design IMO... I agree, it is an issue... but if there weren't so many claustrophobic areas and blind corners, over-segmentation of maps... those freaking little closets in the tree houses in Fathom, being prime examples... easily abusable instances of map geometry, we would see that the effectiveness of auto's would also diminish. Map design issue...
  9. Yup... I'm permanently banned there now, as of like 3 days ago. Lmao.
  10. You also have to think about the stretching of maps though, due to Spartan Abilities... If autos were to remain as they did in older Halo's, they be much more ineffective, relatively speaking. Given the kind of game H5 is, it was a good choice to implement the zoom to auto's... same reason the Sword has the extended zoom lunge mechanic. If the game environment is scaled up, the close range weapons need something to compensate if they are to remain as viable as they were in the smaller, tighter knit environments of past titles. It's really not game-breaking at all like some people make it out to be, especially with descope and the abundance of high-range weapons in the H5 sandbox. I haven't had any issues with the design of the auto's... if anything, after the H5 Beta, they're better balanced and don't have nearly as tight of spread as they did before. I mean, you could melt someone with an SMG halfway across Midship in the beta. It's much better now than it used to be and compliments the H5-style of Halo, all things considered...
  11. Any MP map design positions open? I'm in the aerospace & aviation business and wouldn't mind trying my hand at game design if the right opportunity arose... I've been interested in learning more about the industry as of late. The creative possibilities are endless...
  12. Played 4 or 5 matches earlier... I really dig it. Took a few games to realize but the mid-air dash while floating around as a Warlock is a nice touch... you're not just stuck hanging there anymore. Feels more competitive than #1 so far too. I think D2 is going to rip a lot of my time from H5... 'bout time I found another game to play lol. Best clip so far... http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/lickmyb4c0n/video/34222430
  13. So Double XP is finally back and rather than using it to hype up the return of Oddball, now Oddball is gone (again) and Double XP is on Covie Slayer and Super Fiesta?? No 343, I will not play your garbage playlists! lol... It's like they're trying so hard to get people to love their ideas. Meanwhile, Oddball should've never been absent from the game, and it might as well just not exist again... I mean, what are they gaining from withholding content? Staple content, no less... It's just madness. Leaving players with a shell of a Halo game, expecting these timed releases to keep people satisfied, when the game isn't even in a satisfactory state to begin with.
  14. Ugh man, can they just PLEASE reboot the series with the OG, scrapped Halo 2?

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