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  2. That could be one reason but thats not why a majority would use it. That would mean every player takes it and expects to be on mainstage, doesn't happen obviously. People do take it to to gain "mystical powers" so they dont miss. Its not that they cant keep calm lol you can still shake and get nervous on addy.
  3. Addy has been used in halo since the beginning of comp Halo. The percentage of people doesn't really matter since addy isnt the advantage people think it is, you really need to experience it first before you can speak on it. All addy does is give you a better shot but it doesn't make your decisions any better which is also a huge part of the game, I see addy as a double edged sword. Lets not forget there's a large part of the community that takes it and hasn't ever made it anywhere close to pro. Drug tests before events would just hurt the tournament hosters own income. Drug testing in sports and in "e-sports" is two totally different things.
  4. What irritates me about the ranking system is that you can actually obtain semi/pro ranking out of the 10 provisional matches. Putting aside how dumb having "Semi-pro" and "pro" rank names is (the egos will be huge). The fact that since the ranking system doesn't even scale opponents or teammates to the amount of wins you get in your provisions is a huge mistake if that's how its supposed to be. For example If i win my first 3 provision games out of the 10 than i should play against people who are also on a 3 game win streak because they are presumed to be at my same skill. This may not be true but its a lot more fair than giving me teammates or enemy players who are 0-3 because they most likely will not be better than me and isn't a good way to gauge what category i should be put into. This can keep going from 4-0 5-0 ect. If im 9/10 and playing my last game wouldn't it be accurate to put me with someone who has also gotten 9 wins in a row? its like winning 10 games against random skill level people in h3 then starting at 40. You could of beat level 10s for 10 straight games and then are presumed to be a 40/50. Also For anyone who has placed semi/pro out from their 10 provisional games is it rewarding? It doesn't seem like it. Wheres the climb? wheres the feeling of going from 1-50, starting from the bottom? I know this sort of divisional ranking system doesn't do that but you shouldn't be able to get to pro/semi from 10 games, their needs to be a ceiling like in LoL. If you're just starting ranked in league you can only go to Gold 5 if you win all 10 games so that you actually have to keep climbing.
  5. At 6:50 when he used the ground pound it looked so fucking easy to use. You can aim it while in mid air and it doesn't even look like it actually hit the other player, looked like splash damage. I thought it was just going to be a straight down descent not something you can angle.
  6. And the point of this? Has nothing to do with the topic
  7. Got into a game in H2A ranked. Lobby still says 10 max and i got a 9 person game. They didnt fix that
  8. Kevasaur (may have been kevin klutch on the other post)
  9. EU settings are getting rave reviews from everyone whos played them. I was in a lobby with Proverb testing them out for a few games and they were amazing. It even took more skill because decision making is so much more critical without sprint
  10. Good question, im adding this to the list
  11. He and Saucey dont want any part of this from my understanding. Which is fine, if he wants to that would be a great help to me but i understand why he wouldnt want too
  12. Well im not sure if you all saw the post i made but IG has agreed to making a video to respond to all the questions the community has. This is your chance to have your voices heard and questions answered Edit : I will be sending an Email to Austen with all the questions i and some other community members have gotten together so just post them here
  13. Should i ask IG why they dont consider EU settings?
  14. I dont know how im supposed to feel about this
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