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  1. Thanks man. The lighting is really hard to work with in halo 5 because if it over laps, you'll get light patches everywhere. Since you mentioned though I'll focus more attention on trying to improve it.
  2. Thanks man. I think the reasons for these inaccuracies is the ramp is more sloped because the distance between the 1st floor and OS basement floor is greater than the original (I did this because H5 jump height and clamber). For the shotty semi-hall, it's shorter because I added more space to the area where all the credits are and the hall connected there is wider in general. I did notice that, but if I were to fix that, many others would get fucked and I'd break a lot of crucial line of sights, so that's why shotty room took the blow. Appreciate it anyways though, let me know if want to ever test.
  3. Another remake from the Halo CE 1.5 mod. If you aren't familiar with Halo 1.5, Decidia is a map very similar to Chill Out because of the covenant theme and similar map layout. The map is rescaled for Halo 5, but it still plays with Halo CE in mind. Download "CE TS" from my gametypes fileshare to go with the map when playing 2v2s. Edit: Forgot to attach this... Gamertag: "Whats a CEsar" Layout: Weapon (ammo) - time (timer type) 1 Sniper (4 +0) - 60 seconds (static) 1 Rocket (2 +2) - 120 seconds (static) 1 Plasma Pistol (80%) - 30 seconds (disturbance) 1 SMG (60 +60) - 45 seconds (disturbance) 1 Bolt Shot (24 +48) - 30 seconds (disturbance) 1 M6D (12 +48) - 30 seconds (disturbance) 1 Active Camo - 60 seconds (static) 1 Overshield - 60 seconds (static) 2 Frag Grenades (paired) - 15 seconds (despawn) 1 Plasma Grenades (paired) - 30 seconds (despawn) 4 Splinter Grenades (single) - 90 seconds (despawn) Let me know what you think.
  4. Please feel free to give constructive criticism... The remake is meant to play just as it did in CE, so if you have any recommendations for changing spawning, improving geometry, improving lighting/color, or any fixes in general let me know! -The object budget is maxed out at the moment though...
  5. General description: A mid sized map, remake of Halo CE's Prisoner. The play style is almost entirely based around its vertical layout, which is made of a ground floor, 2 main floors, and small 4th (4 1/2th) floor, which is just the two bases where snipers spawn. From a competitive point of view, Prisoner was one of the most "map control" based maps, meaning it required great skill to hold or acquire power-up/weapon control and positioning on the map. I designed this remake around Halo 5, so it's up-scaled it properly. In this remake, the height is significantly increased between each floor due to Halo 5's spartan abilities which also makes it feel closer to Halo CE (because of differences in FOV). Along with this, I slightly stretched the map, however I kept the width fairly similar. Ladders are remade with a double gravity volume as well as aesthetically remade ladders. I do this because gravity volumes allow more control as opposed to gravity lifts and have a slower more paced vertical travel time. All "Zyos" jumps are included as well and take a decent amount of skill, however are still easier than the original. I also do want to mention I put a lot of time into getting most of the geometry as accurate as possible. Layout: Weapons... Rockets (4) - spawn every 120 seconds (static timer) 2x Sniper (4) - spawn every 60 seconds (static timer) Assault Rifle (4 clips) - spawns 30 seconds (on disturbance) Boltshot (3 clips) replaces PR (for obvious reasons) - spawns 30 seconds (on disturbance) Grenades... 4x Frag Grenades - spawns 15 seconds (after pick-up) 6x Plasma Grenades - spawns 15 seconds (after pick-up) Power-ups... Overshield - spawns every 60 seconds (static timer) Active Camo - spawns every 60 seconds (static timer) Gamertag: Whats a CEsar ==================================================================================================== Edit: Please feel free to give constructive criticism! The remake is meant to play just as it did in CE, so if you have any recommendations for spawning, improving geometry, improving lighting/color, or any fixes in general let me know!
  6. Is there a link to all the ports available anywhere? Double take, decidia, imminent, exhibit, and downrush (besides all the originals), are the only five I can find in the servers. I'd really like to get my hands on the other 8, especially outbound and zerohour! Can not find anything on Halomaps either...
  7. Try this for non-weapon pad Tier 3 weapons, came up with it a little while ago, and I got a sniper to spawn every minute (0.25 seconds off exactly). Check out my Downrush remake in forge for an example. Basically its a dropspawning but delayed by 12-14 seconds to make up for the cinematics.
  8. If you were wondering how to script static power-ups, I do it this way (All the values are very exact, thanks to 343): 1. Add a script > Set Condition to "On timer" > Set Initial Delay to "13.00" (This is due to the 13 second Intro cinematics) > Set Repeat Timer to how ever many seconds "60.00" for a minute respawn (this is the time interval the object will reappear at its set origin if gone) > Finally set Action to "Spawn" 2. Add a second script (doesn't matter what order they are made in) > [Do everything exactly the same up to the last step] > This time, set the Action to "Position/Rotation: Reset" > Leave velocity reset "Off" > Set Time to "0.00" (this is so the power-up resets at its specific spawn interval if displaced) -In Halo CE, items would reset if displaced (If they got stuck, thrown off the map, or even just moved) which is what the second script is for. This is mostly useless since nading power-ups in H5 will cause it to move less than a meter at most, so it isn't necessary to add, but I include it regardless. I hate the drop spawn system because it's not consistent and not very nice (though I haven't tried it in H5 yet), but I don't know any alternatives in the form of scripting at the moment, and this wouldn't work since weapons don't delete on pick like powerups... Btw thanks for using my downrush remake in your 4sk demo!
  9. Remake of Downrush from Halo 1.5 also know as Areowalk from Quake. Due to feedback from my Chill Out remake, I made this map slightly larger for Halo 5's sandbox which plays well after a few 2v2 tests. Compatible with all gamemodes and plays best 2v2 slayer. If anyone knows how to make a thin aesthetic waterfall similar to the original, PLEASE let me know. Gamertag: Look Up My 1v1s Whats a CEsar Layout: -Boltshot replaces PR -SMG replaces shotgun -Light Rifle replaces double magnums -Sniper 60 seconds (on disturbance) with 1 Clip -Rockets 2 minutes (weapon pad) -Camo 1 minute (static) -Overshield 1 minute (static) There're some interesting things you can do with super sliding on here. Screenshots...
  10. Just found out something that might seem random, but it's relevant to this or any CE map. If you start forge, go into map options, then set the 'Filter' to 'FOV Out ' you can have a field of view more accurate to Halo 1's. For this map I'll leave it default, but if anyone wants to edit this map you can or any other map. It just doesn't change the FOV of your weapon HUD and zoom is glitched on all weapons.
  11. Of course you can. In the regular H5 settings/sandbox you can Jump on teleporter then climb onto pipes and make the window jump, etc. or on modified settings (where I'd probably increase grenade knockback) you can do your fancy nade jump like old school.
  12. This map has a great layout, feels like a classic map out of quake or ce. I feel like it should probably be bigger for the H5 sandbox though.
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