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  1. This is sad, no news on H: Infinite, HCS is now over with H5 (basically was anyways, dead game). It really makes you thin, H6 must have been a clone of H5 and they knew it would kill the franchise so theyre betting on a new engine that replicates H2/H3 game play. Could be a game changer, could kill the franchise anyways with such a massive lul. Only thing we can do is support this grass roots thing and keep the community alive.
  2. Managed to win 21 games today, and lose 8, went from 1560 onyx to diamond 5!!!!!
  3. Out of all the things theyve done to ruin halo, this new ranking system is actually the WORST. How do I win 14 games, lose 1 and have less csr than when I started my win streak? What the actual fuck ks that
  4. Out of all the things theyve done to ruin halo, this new ranking system is actually the WORST. How do I win 14 games, lose 1 and have less csr than when I started my win streak? What the actual fuck ks that
  5. Wow, so I wonder when Bound gets picked up, its bound to happen Really though, hes been super impressive, a sabinater type situation but I think hes even better.. He could help a team be a top 4 contender which is crazy.
  6. Ill sign up to be the official face of TB's player interviewing team
  7. Yeah I totally agree, he was easily the best caster we had, he had the best play by play and was colorful.
  8. I mean, even you don't have the personality for it starting out, doesn't mean you cant develop it. For someone of his status, streaming on justintv would have been easy, people would have watched regardless of how bad his personality was. When you have tons of people watching you, its easy to then see what people like and what they don't like, reading the audience is a skill you develop, some are more natural than others, but hes just saying were toxic and he doesn't want to stream halo.
  9. Yeah, a lot of the older pros simply felt they never needed to interact with fans, which is laughable. As I've said many times, a lot of those guys didn't seem to care, but someone like Walshy who was always out in front and pushing his brand and fandom, found huge success and eventually got kicked off FB for it. 2gre complaining about not finding success is entirely his fault, he was absolutely at the top of his stardom in 2010 and 2011 with season 3 of H3 and season 1 of HR, but he refused to cash in. Now that hes not making money winning tournaments , he complains that the community doesn't support him, but when did he ever support the community? what do the casuals owe him? I look at Walshy and T2 and see them as the people who set the standard for how pros should interact, they were both amazing with fans, even when they didnt have to, but put in the extra effort. Wish we still had T2 as a personality, or pro, because he was one of reasons halo even got so big back in the early days, he was absolutely everywhere.
  10. 950 last time I checked, not raking in the cash, but enough to live off without a doubt, thats roughly 40k a year, which is a low end white collar job.
  11. Viewership and sub count may be good form a venue point of view, but he should be one of the faces of the game, advertised when we log in etc. He gets no recognition from pros, 343, or major events like MLG etc. He may not be a pro player, but he does way more than most of them ever have. Obviously Ryanoob and a very limited amount of pros have pushed content, but actionman literally streams for like 15 hours 7 days a week. If an org really wanted to pick up a streamer for Halo, its him, he would do wonders for them from an exposure stand point.
  12. Sad but true, the new bread of pros are 50/50 though with this. Back in H2/H3 pros were non-existent, if I didn't play on LANs I probably wouldn't have known half those people existed, let alone the fact I actually got invited to customs. I couldn't even imagine being a casual fan back then, players outside of a very FEW gave a shit at all about their fans, or the scene (funny because now their scene is falling apart and they don't understand). Players like Shotzzy and renegade, aka the new hotness seem to be carrying on that tradition. But players like Musa, ContrA (rip), and a hand few of others actually seem to give a shit about being interactive, playing with casuals, community outreach etc. Funny thing is, Actionman is hands down one of the best things to ever happen to the community, dude really pushes halo and seems to get ZERO recognition, which is sad.
  13. Thats absolutely ridiculous if they thought he was "obligated" to share His sponsorship money with them, the Ogres were notorious for not interacting with people within the community, why would redbull want to sponsor them? Walshy was a fan favorite, and someone who went out of his way to always interact with fans.
  14. While I agree Ogre 1 leaving hurt team chemistry significantly, he just didnt have the skill to compete for 1st anymore, he fell off pretty hard late 2006. It sucks because he was without a doubt the best H1 and H2 player up until mid way through 2006, then Ogre 2 really took the reigns from his brother.
  15. Walshy came in second at the 2008 NC and 3rd at the 2009 NC, Ogre 1, Ogre 2 and strongside placed 4th at 2008 NC, even after picking up Neighbor who was arguable one of the best players in 2008. Ogre 2 and strongsides place 8th in 2009, even with Victory X on their team, also arguable one of the best halo 3 players ever. Ogre 2 FINALLY outpaces Walshy in the 2010 season, with the 3 best players possible, easily the most stacked roster (Hence all the Ws in 2010). Dont get me wrong, Im a huge 2gre fan, but facts are facts, Walshy was an absolute monster in 08 & 09 and ends up with a meme team for 2010 NC. I however, was unaware of him being dropped for being "uncommitted" to FB, even Strongsides has come out publicly multiple times saying how big of a mistake it was dropping walshy. Its funny though, because Dan was the problem from late 2006 through 2008, he just wasnt the same Ogre 1 he was before, he dropped off hard, and Saiyan got the blame before Walshy, but its no arguement that strongsides was a HUGE upgrade to Saiyan.
  16. Well, Ogre 2 and Walshy Funny, dropping walshy was such an epic fail, he was easily best player on FB when he was dropped. If they had dropped Ogre 1 and picked up Neighbor omggggggg, 2008 would have been an even better season, which doesn't even seem possible. I dont really remember the Neighbor vs Snip3down beef but that was also 10 years ago. Lmao T2 caused sooooo much drama in H2, it was hilarious, kid was str8 out of NYC
  17. Sounds about right, there are very few "rivalries" that get in the way of wanting to win events. The only one in the past that I can think of would be all of carbon and T2 in H2 (lmao), could you imagine T2 and Ghandi on the same team lmfao. Dont really remember anything from H3, but in H5 I could never see Spartan and Ryanoob teaming, thats just some serious bad blood that spartan decided to start.
  18. Honestly, Austin played the best of all players outside of Tox/Splyce. He was just shredding people, allowing him to finally be the main slayer for a squad showed he has what it takes. If I were to give my top players of the event, I would say @@Mikwen and @@Rayne were easily the best outside the top 2, the new T2 was literally ALWAYS were he needed to be, making plays, and winning gun fights, truly one of the most impressive events I've ever seen from him. A huge shout out to Lethul though, talk about silencing the haters, he and snakebite were the best players of the entire event hands down, I could not believe how good they were playing. Best event I've ever seen from Lethul, just going on a tear. Honestly, I think your squad can win an event, you guys are that good, I really like Peng but Rayne and Shooter are both upgrade IMO and you win an event with one of them. aPG is the best teammate I've seen you play with, your play styles mesh perfectly, keep it my dude. Yeah, I could see that, but Musa is a beast man, I could possibly see Trifecta with Musa/Mikwen/Shooter/Rayne, that team would be beast, but its hard because Ryan brings SO much to a team, and is super underrated. I feel like Rayne or Shooter in place of Peng, RNG wins an event, but RNG and Trifecta are easily my favorite squads so i dont want to see them breakup.

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