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  1. We are looking for someone with great communication, who doesn't get down on themselves if you lose or excessively rages for no reason. We will be on all day today running games. Hit up: EmBossable M1SS B0B0 Wzrd On Mars
  2. What side of jax are you on?
  3. Jacksonville GT: EmBossable
  4. My Gamertag has changed its now EmBossable. I've been playing H2 PC but once MCC comes out im trying to get a team together and just have fun competing again.
  5. I think you took my post as if i was trying to impress my professors but thats not what i was trying to do. I always ask for their opinions its nice to get the opinion of people who get a fresh look at it. I could careless if i impress people or not, if you ask anyone that hangs out in teamspeak i dont care about much lol.
  6. PCID's have been a problem from the start. You may not know it but the pcid thing was causing issues for people before the update. The only people getting kicked out of our servers because of a pcid problem are the people who got the game for free. Every person who actually bought the game does not have these problems. There is not much we can do about that but attempt to help you guys and give you the tools you need to fix it. I am very sorry that people are having problems, I wish they weren't and we are trying our hardest to fix the problems. -EDIT- I was just informed that kant and magic have fixed the PCID problem.
  7. Well i'm sorry to tell you but I myself have talked to my professors about what we did with this game and they think its pretty amazing. Let me add my professors have been working in the game industry for 10+ years. I'm sorry that our update doesnt work for you and you do not want to come into teamspeak so we can help you, but please stop attempting to spread rumors when you know damn well our update is not a phisher.
  8. What are you talking about? Phishing scam? Do you understand how phishers work? Name one phisher that lets you login successfully lol. You are really that stupid? seriously lol. Don't comment unless you know what your talking about.
  9. Thats because of the FPS and resolution increase. Everybody has the same experience, you will get used to it soon.
  10. Have you come into our teamspeak and ask for help? With a beta we need to know about all the problems. If you join our teamspeak i'm sure we can figure out whats going on with your halo.
  11. We just realized what was wrong and we are fixing it now. Sorry about that. Should be working in a couple of minutes. EDIT: Try to register now.
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