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  1. Speaking as probably the biggest H2 fanboy in this thread, H2A while having it's problems, was actually pretty solid. Aiming was amazing, though I hate that this is actually a quality we have to actually critique these days. Game is simple for casuals to pick up and be somewhat effective compared to classic H2 where lack of skill is not as forgiving. If played on dedicated servers, offered an extremely consistent experience in both matchmaking and tournament settings -- Competing in the online ladders for the first time in like.. 6-7 years or so was an amazing feeling with that game. I feel like the cons of the game are really simple/small changes honestly if you were looking to use H2A as a "base" for a future Halo game. Increase the base movement speed -- necessary Add some more controller settings -- I'll be honest and say I hated H5 with everything in me (personal gripes, that's all)... But their button configurations were unmatched. I'd pick Helljumper over every button setting in every Halo that has ever existed in a split second. Remove grenade hitmarkers -- I literally don't understand the purpose of this. Bullet hitmarkers are fine/don't matter. Tune down the skybox lighting While I mentioned this as a pro above, while the game is easy to get into, I personally think the bullet mag can be toned down somewhat. H2 already had some strong bullet magnetism and it's even stronger in H2A. This sounds like a lot, but it's really just a matter some small tweaks as far as gameplay goes. -------------- All that being said, I wouldn't use H2A as a base for a new Halo game lol. I'd actually use Halo 5 as the base. I say this from a Software Engineer perspective; that game is developmentally sound. I can't even lie. I just don't like the gameplay mechanics of H5, which is really a separate topic. If we're specifically talking about what you would use as a baseline for gameplay, it's kind of difficult to answer because it depends on the aspects of the game.
  2. I'm taking chin-controlled, fly-by-wire rockets over AR starts any day of the week.
  3. To be fair, we did our best man lol. Me and you specifically sat there and looked at like... 40 maps over the course of an entire day lol! Some of those maps were pretty dope though; but they were like casual maps nothing we were able to take seriously. Really good maps are really difficult to come by -- And I'm not a forger myself so I can definitely understand.
  4. Wasn't trying to stir up an argument lol. I was just saying those were the reasons why the game chat is so dead these days. I'm personally in a party chat usually 95% of the time but the reason is because there's never anyone in game chat whatsoever. To be honest though, I kinda like how Halo 3 had the little icons next to the gamertag before the game started. When people in party chats would search, they would switch out of party chat instantly as soon as they could see the mic icons lighting up or hearing the voices coming through speaker -- At least that's what it was like for pretty much the entirety of the Team Slayer/MLG playlists at level 50 through the games lifespan. I think that is the solution to be honest. No need for the absolutist approach of removing everything all the time lol. There are ways (sometimes subtle) to handle things like this. Yeah they made it so you really gotta utilize the gamebar to add/invite people. That's how you're supposed to do it "seamlessly" I think, but it's so stupid lol. Right click > Add/Invite seems like the MUCH easier approach that should've been thought of instantaneously.
  5. The Xbox party chat and the the ability to have an "infinite" friends list kind of ruined the charm of Xbox Live matchamaking. Primarily due to the fact that with the friends list previously, both people had to accept the invite. Now, while the thought of having an unlimited amount of friends doesn't sound bad at all, I honestly think the exclusivity played a part in how often people played together. Nowadays, it feels like one person adds the other... The other doesn't add them back for a couple of days because sometimes the notification doesn't pop up/you don't see it if you're offline. Then, you never play together. Then there's the other side of things where a lot of people use their accounts almost like a social media account these days where they only "follow back" certain people so they have like 20 friends and 500 followers or whatever. The party chat however is probably the biggest culprit in the downfall of social interaction on Xbox specifically. A lot of people like to argue in favor of party chat so that they "don't have to hear kids screaming in the mic" but let's be honest, I've played tens of thousands of games of just Halo (not to mention Gears, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six, etc) and it's not nearly as bad of a problem as people make it sounds -- and on top of that, the interactions you have with these people were funny a lot of the times lol. On top of that, the mute feature has pretty much existed since the beginning of time. It's impossible to compare the social interaction there is these days because it's virtually non-existent in today's game. Party chat is great in the fact that you can hop in a group chat with your same circle of friends, regardless of what game you're playing.. But it did unfortunately ruin the social side of matchmaking in pretty much every MP game.
  6. I don't think it looks that bad; looks like a mini PC Tower. The only design choice that seems kind of weird is the slit across the bottom left. Can't tell if that's the disc tray or not (didn't watch the press conference). I hate putting discs in sideways. I do think they could've thought of a better name though. Some people were throwing around names on Twitter like Xbox Infinite and stuff like that and it sounded much better.
  7. Lol I can believe it. Surprisingly, when I played the PC version I didn't experience any issues at all. I was actually pleasantly surprised on how good it felt on there. Playing this game on 105 FOV was pretty damn OD.
  8. So... Has anyone had the issue on MCC (Xbox) where they can't get past the title screen? I'm not sure what's going on lol. Every time I hit start on the title screen, the game just freezes but the music continuously plays in the background. Game is fully updated, I've deleted all of my local save data, I've moved all of the game files to a different hard drive, I've completely power cycled the Xbox... Like wtf lol. I played on PC on Tuesday with no issues whatsoever.. Decided to give Xbox a shot to play with some friends and I can't get this damn thing working lol. Edit: Nevermind. In the time it took to google if other people were having this problem, search through Reddit, search through Waypoint and post on here.. It finally resolved itself. Apparently the fix for this is to simply let your title screen load for 15 minutes and then it will work. Go figure lol.
  9. Not sure what it is about 343 and aiming for some reason. Halo 5 Forge: PC had terrible/weird mouse aiming too; I made a few posts back when H5:F came out about that specifically. Ironically though, the Controller aiming on H5:F felt absolutely amazing compared to the console version. I sincerely hope they don't have these issues again because standard controller input should not be a thing we have to worry about in 2019/2020. At least from a company this big.
  10. To be fair, Fortnite implemented MTX correctly. Being "stuck" with an MTX system like that isn't necessarily a bad thing because it's just skins and emotes and crap like that. And on top of that, it's updated/rotated pretty much daily right? That's the type of MTX that people love; I definitely wouldn't have minded some in-game skins and stuff back in the Halo 2 days. I've played plenty of MMOs where I've dropped $5-10 just to get the cool ninja mask and Ginsu blade to carry on my back lol. The problem lies in how Halo implemented MTX. "$99.99 for 100 Gold Req packs!" -- Assuming you have those cards that allow you to receive more of the item (I haven't played H5 in about 2 years so I forget the term), and you just load up on Wasps, Tanks, Nornfangs and other overly ridiculous weapons that you can use together in parties of 12... Yeah, that's a system that sucks to be "stuck" with lol.
  11. You guys don't always have to be so aggressive with each other, dudes lol! We can disagree without having to kill each other in the process.
  12. How active is the UK scene these days? I've never heard of FaceIt Ignite. I did a quick search on Google and apparently this is supposed to be like a 32 team event or so? According to waypoint there's still about 29 passes left; which hopefully can fill out a bit.
  13. BeachLAN's are always cool to watch, I'm definitely gonna check that out when it's on. It was nice to get a chance to be able to play a lot of the players relatively regularly when the CE playlist was really active.
  14. Anybody going to EVO this year?
  15. What the.. Congrats bro! Side note: It's crazy that I can't even consider myself a Halo player anymore. I've started as the worst Halo player imaginable, placing Top 32 in FFA and 4v4, to not even remotely thinking about Halo again. We gotta get the team online one of these days soon and roll people in the H2 playlist. ---------------------- Side question for everyone else: Is there anything going on right now? Tournament related? Don't care which Halo game.
  16. I agree, this would be one of those "good" problems. In the Halo 2 Hardcore playlist on MCC, me and my team literally never voted for a game because EVERY gametype is extremely fun to play and it didn't matter which gametype the other team wanted to play; which I believe is the crux of the concept @Cursed Lemon was alluding to. We could just play games and enjoy ourselves in the competitive mindset we set out for. We were only forced to start voting when Halo 3 invaded the playlist.
  17. Yeah but a lot of the times as history has given us with this company, there's not just like one bad map, there's always several. They kept Snowbound, Orbital, and Epitaph (for example) and the like in rotation for all the playlist they applied to for pretty much the duration of the game -- and on top of that there are actually people who thoroughly enjoy the Snowbound AR start just as much as people loved Armor Lock camping on top of Sword Base for whatever reason; hence why they never removed them. If we reduce the amount of times "good" map/gametypes occur based on how much we veto the bad types of combinations, eventually you'll get to the point during your session where it's nothing but a pool of horrid map/gametype combinations. However, I will agree that the veto system should be stat tracked and monitored in some sort of database. I've reiterated this sentiment dozens of times during our Halo 3 era, because I was willing to bit my limbs that above level 30, anything AR start was vetoed almost instantly except by a choice few teams who loved to pick those gametypes for a cheese strategy -- Which were very few and far between.
  18. Why should frequency play a part in it though? That would just increase the opportunity to get maps that are vetoed constantly (i.e. Snowbound, Orbital, etc) because of the lack of quality of said maps. Sometimes its just the luck of the draw that we played Heretic a few times over the course of day. I don't really think we should decrease the frequency of good maps to potentially play crappier ones just for the sake of variety, you know?
  19. Was a very simple typo lol, I would've caught it at some point. When you're just quickly typing out a thought on the phone, it happens. Freaking weird man. People don't even know these people personally and will just throw stuff because they hate them for some arbitrary reason lol. This extends outside of video games of course, people are that way with almost any celebrity.
  20. Can't forget that someone threw an actual crab at Hungrybox on main stage after beating Mango in grand finals with typical Puff stuff.
  21. Really now? For as long as I competed in that game, I've quite literally never seen this until MCC. Go figure lol.
  22. @WildCherry Might need to add the bug where stickies bounce off of enemies if it hits their weapon.
  23. Pays for itself if you play two new games -- This feature was a bargain.
  24. As a native Chicagoan, seeing "Willis Tower" triggers tf out of me. Dope they'll be an event here though lol.

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