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  1. People seriously underestimate the amount of passion people like Clap and Sundance had for the franchise in helping build both MLG and the Halo Community.
  2. I think he just melee’d the rocket lmao. What a legend.
  3. The thing is though, and I know this sounds like a pipe dream almost at this point but if you really think about it.. This PC launch of MCC actually means more for the state of Halo than the possibility of Infinite being a good game. If 343 somehow manages to captures a small portion of PC fans for a long period of time.. Which is going to take a lot like a proper ranking/matchmaking system, Forge, Theater, mod support, a working custom browser, etc... Infinite could potentially bring Halo to the forefront again following that hype because we will have gained Halo fans from an entirely different platform into the community. It's just hard to even keep hopes up at this point though knowing 343's track record of things.
  4. Took the next words out of my mouth lol but I will say that it's kind of hard to pick which one is worse because we've already had both and neither of which make the game any fun to play. Tradition or non-tradition. No sprint Halo Reach with Bloom would still be complete crap. We're already aware of how ass Halo 5 is with Spartan Charge, Ground Pound, endless sprint and more -- I just feel like Halo is not standing the test of time with the direction it went since Reach.
  5. What? What does sprint and thruster have anything to do with how a gun functions? Sprint and thruster are bad mechanics because they're bad mechanics. But weapons with bloom and projectile registration on peer-to-peer hosted games has nothing to do with that. Furthermore, what does any of what you said have to do with the "tradition" of Halo and that if they want guns that shoot straight and register well, that "there are other FPS on the market"?
  6. Okay, come on now. I probably hate Halo 5 more than anyone on this forum, but Coliseum is quite literally one of the best maps 343 has designed. It played amazingly on both classic and default movement settings.
  7. Yes sir, my sentiments exactly. I liked Reach's map selection. Again, sure, some color and stuff would be nice, but my biggest concerns with the maps and the ones I was vocal about were the functionality aspects of it. i.e. Zooming in from Snipe Hut to Snipe Hut on Sanctuary and your FPS dropping to ~10 FPS. But I think we've had enough of being blinded in certain areas of the map since Halo 4 (that people can literally use to their advantage at times). It's not necessary to make a map look nice; global illumination lighting techniques are used for a reason in 3D modeling software. They're there so that you don't need a direct light source that can interfere with displaying a certain object(s). Direct lighting techniques are used when you want to give the natural lighting effect in locations where it makes sense. Sure it would be nice to have natural lighting in every location but in a video game where certain mechanics and visual cues are important, they can interfere.
  8. I've always been a functionality guy over aesthetics so my opinion isn't too strong when it comes to how maps look (I care way more about how they play rather than how they look; but that's just me because I'm a competitive player at heart), but I never had a problem with Halo 5's art style. The problem I had with Halo 5 is the lighting. Maps that literally blind you in certain areas of the map can all die in a fire and I really wish we can do away with this in the next Halo game.
  9. I feel like you understood my post completely (everyone else seemed to), but decided to go out of your way to be pedantic to be honest. Regen and Bubble Shield were on The Pit and Heretic respectively, however, did you see anyone in the thread critiquing those? No, because they had nothing to do with my point. Nevertheless, fair enough. For Epitaph and Snowbound in particular. Shield based doors are demonstrably bad ideas for a game like Halo. The same exact strategy is used for shield doors on both maps, where you're able to camp behind them with no penalty, nor any incentive to move because you're guaranteed at the very least a melee attack. This is compounded by the weapons on the map, such as regen/bubble shield/mauler/shotgun/etc, which make it even more broken. However, regardless of weapons/items shield based doors make for bad gameplay mechanics. Shield doors aside Snowbound for example also suffers from two bad map design decisions. No man's land on top of the map and single entry hallways on the bottom. There's no incentive to move unless you're going for a pickup; I've played thousands of TS and Doubles games at Level 50 and they all play exactly the same with no variety whatsoever. Cold Storage, again, this is a map that worked in CE due to fast kill times. In Halo 3, it's a rush to get Camo room control (regardless of Camo because I don't want you to think this is another pickup argument). You have overview of the entire map from this room and the adjacent hallway because you have a doorway that you can hide behind at anytime against a ramp (above OS) that can be grenaded very easily and you can get team shotted very easily against rockets. Conversely, you can get collapsed on very easily if you're pushing rocket side because of the visibility from Camo room. There's NOTHING competitive or viable about these maps, that's why most good players skipped those maps. Yes, I can sit here and go into detail all day about why the maps are bad, however, I feel like they were generally understood at this point and didn't think I needed to clarify this for you. Again, there are plenty of other default maps that had power-ups and stupid weapons on them, however, they were never brought up because the problems of the map were not accentuated by them.
  10. Please elaborate as to what pickups you would put on Snowbound, Epitaph, or Cold Storage that would make them viable competitive maps in the context of Halo 3? The problems exist without said pickups, the maps aren’t structured in a way that promote movement in anyway shape or form, so I’m not exactly sure what you’re getting at.
  11. This argument doesn't make any sense though. You can use the same exact logic but in relation to grenade hit-markers. This is the type of argument you just presented, and I'm pretty sure this forum unanimously agree that grenade hit-markers are absurd. You don't have to be camping in a corner for footsteps to be heard, it's the amount of information you get for doing absolutely nothing is why people have a problem with it. Me personally, I have amazing headphones so I scout out people constantly in almost every game that I play. I'm also fully aware of how ridiculous it can be though as well at times, because people will just spawn and I'll instantly know where they are. Edit: That being said, this particular debate is not of my immediate interest lol, as the armor abilities and things of that nature are still on my... Radar.. (damn it...)
  12. Can’t. It’s too good to show off.
  13. I honestly agree with Snipe Three. Fuck compromise. If 343 doesn't make a game that I actually want to play, then I'm simply just not buying the game and I've said this from the moment Infinite was announced. The moment I see an ability or sprint, I'm not buying the game. I'll never understand how people like thruster so much, personally. It was just as detrimental to the game as sprint was because it gives the player the same effect - Allowing you to escape situations you shouldn't have been in, thus allowing players with bad positioning an opportunity to escape. There are so many other games that do this correctly without all of the variables that Halo includes. There's literally no reason to play Space Shooter 6 when Call of Duty does the same exact things, except 100x better. Halo was popular for a reason, and it wasn't feeling like a Spartan. Theater mode (that allows you to watch with your friends again) Forge mode Community favorites section that's updated weekly/monthly A good matchmaking system Fun maps and gametypes to play on A good ranking system A nice-to-have progression system The problem with Halo isn't the gameplay. It's the features that we've had in 2007 that we seemingly lost in favor of these abilities. It makes no sense that we lost so many great features due to the focus on abilities that only hurt gameplay.
  14. Well, to be fair, he probably could have if you weren’t just sitting there calling him a loser who just plays CE.
  15. Can we backsmack people on spawn without jumping now? Haha (hopefully /s...)

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