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  1. Wrong. Wrong. And even more wrong. There were quite literally no positives about any of those maps. The problems with those maps were accentuated in Doubles. i.e. Just sitting in a room waiting to get shot and throwing a regen down. Sitting in a room behind a shield waiting to mauler-melee someone. Etc. Etc. P.S. Wrong quote.
  2. My Top 3, best maps of all time: Snowbound (w/ Shields) Epitaph (w/ Shields) Sword Base Any other map in the series is expendable.
  3. It wasn't enough, that's the point. When Frankie was here, there were quite literally nothing but constructive, respectful, and meaningful posts and dialogue. And then, as everyone has pointed out, there was quite literally one singular guy who got neg bombed to hell with whatever he said (I forget off the top of my head because it was so long ago) and then he decided to cherry pick that response from and basically throw a blanket over the entire community and basically call us toxic. I remember replying in that scenario as well and pointing out specifically the fact that he got negged so heavily; as that is usually the universal Team Beyond symbol for: We don't fuck with that guy. So again, no it wasn't enough, because it wasn't anyone "telling them the truth" or whatever you're referring to. It was a single poster just being a nuisance; and there was nothing factual or remotely meaningful about what he said. He was just talking shit. So I'm actually not even sure of what you're talking about in reference to that. Nothing he said was "justified."
  4. Quite literally, word for word, my exact thoughts reading that response. Lol.. Did we just conveniently forget that small detail?
  5. Good point, good point. Fair enough.
  6. The only critique I have on this survey is that I feel like there should be an "Indifferent" option for the additions to Halo section. I'll spoil my one answer, I personally feel like Clamber is irrelevant regardless of all the other abilities and whatnot. Like if it's there? Cool. If it's not there, I'm probably able to jump up there regardless.
  7. Halo MCC or Halo Infinite on PC lol. Literally no other reason why they would talk to Summit.
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't he the 6'4" fully fucking tatted guy?
  9. -DeucEy-

    NFL Thread

    Cody Parkey sucks. There's a lot of pissed off Chicagoans right now. /thread
  10. Grenade Launcher was on the low end of "power weapons" so sure lol. It's when you start adding stuff like sniper, rail gun, rocket launchers, shotguns, etc where it starts to get stupid -- especially being in a setting attempting to challenge a power weapon and you're just getting shot in the back. I was with you until you said the it was the best though.. v7 was "pretty good" at best. In no way shape or form did it top Halo 2 FFA. Especially since Reach's claim to fame when it came to FFA was the Bic Flex 4 booths we used to have lol.
  11. I don't necessarily disagree, but the Tour de Walsh was just an example though. There are examples of other maps that were played, more or less, without power weapons in the competitive circuit without power weapons and they played great as well -- i.e. Onslaught, Amplified, and Heretic for example. I don't think I was really responding to the aim assist conversation and stuff like that, I was strictly talking about maps without power weapons being viable. FFA with power weapons would be stupid lol, in any of the games. I was just kind outlining the point that maps can play without power weapons. To go on record, I prefer playing competitive games with power weapons. Fortunately with the nature of Halo, there are multiple ways to play and that's really the crux of the argument here. Because there is no "better" aside from preference (except SMG start and shields on Epitaph - because fuck that).
  12. Okay, I kind of want to chime in lol. Because the conversation, while very funny, was also pretty interesting but I do feel like there are some perspectives missing here. As far as playing games without an abundance of power weapons on the map (read: not pistols only), I can say without hesitation that they are extremely fun to play. Anyone who was a bonafide H2 kid in here should feel the same way because odds are you probably did this very thing and played Tour de Walshes for 4 hours a day -- I damn sure know I did. Rifles only on the map with a pistol secondary start on Midship. Quite literally hours of nonstop entertainment and practice for everyone and it's honestly the way a lot of H2 players got significantly better. Also, throughout Halo history there has always been maps that don't an abundance of power weapons and they played great. With all that being said.. It's not something that can sustain itself in it's entirety because it does get boring after a while but I made sure to try to stress after a while. The reason why this gets boring after a while is strictly due to the variety. It was something that I tried to point out with the Evolved settings early on before it ended up coming into fruition but I think I remember pointing out the the reactions on Halowaypoint for example when it was hinted that we may start removing a bunch of stuff off the map; the interest shot down immediately after that post in the thread but we were able to reel them back in after the correction. It's just really unappealing for a lot of people. Based on reading the last 10 or so pages, I don't think @My Namez BEAST was looking to make a case for a permanent replacement for the current maps. I think he was trying to point out that a lot of the same dynamics of the game, such as map movement, can be accomplished in other ways that don't involve rockets; which he's right about. But I also have to agree with some of the points @Basu and @Hard Way and the others were saying that if you don't have a desire to just grind and get better I can see it being a drag for people. A lot of people genuinely like moving amongst the map and trying to control areas for weapons; it's extremely hard to top the appeal variety has to most players and doing the same thing can be rather monotonous (especially if you're not that good at the game and already know what the result is going to be). As far as the "skill" that each side of the argument has; neither side can ever be wrong about the topic because there will always be a skill present. The only difference is what skill. Timing pushes/pinching teams on power weapon spawns is a skill Staying alive in fights long enough for your teammates to get there in pistols only matches is a skill Pistol fights themselves is a skill Positioning with power weapons is a skill (and has a lot more variables than you think, especially in high level play -- it's not as simple as Sniper -> S3 -> Win lol) I can go on and on, on the skill discussion but there's always two sides to that coin. That's more or less all I really wanted to say; be chill ya'll lol.
  13. -DeucEy-

    NBA Thread

    I've been actively tracking most teams, and while I regrettably haven't watched a single Mavs game until the other day.. I finally got a chance to see why Doncic has been getting all the hype. The kid is a young god.
  14. Fuck it. Let's go all out and make N64 Perfect Dark - DarkSims. I'd actually love to watch a best of a 3 series with some DarkSim bots vs some bronzes lol.

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