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  1. Word? Is that true? I haven't been keeping up with anything, I kind of assumed 343 would be taking the reigns and doing their own thing with ESL again.
  2. As much as I would like to sit here and shit on Halo Infinite and 343, I'm going to at least say for the sake of the argument: As a person who loves RPGs, I'm at least somewhat interested in playing the Open World aspect of this game. Because again, we've seen almost nothing when it comes to the actual game itself. Is the open world strictly single player? Is it area/instance based like Destiny where you could see other players (that would actually be pretty lit to be honest if certain areas had challenges you had to accomplish and could work together to complete them). Co-op story mode? I think depending on the depth it's open world can be explored, that it could potentially be a lot more fun than what was led on to be. I'm trying to imagine a scenario where the story mode isn't like previous games where it's Point A > Point B > Point C > Game finished and you can do whatever you like while completing sub-quests for additional weapons, power-ups, vehicles, etc. I would just hope instead of the linear A > B > C style that every campaign the series has had, that they didn't decide to give the player the option of completing the objectives in C > A > B order, and still get the same result. Because that would be a slap in the face to "open world". Obviously we've seen no MP so I'll hold my tongue for now.
  3. Its not about the player's skill when using it, it's the information people get from using it. In previous games there was no way to if a person was around certain corners or just in general areas. This was a massive problem in Halo 5 specifically because the blast radius on the grenades were huge, even if they did very little damage -- On the edge of the blast radius in Halo 5 it barely ticked your shield, but they still receive the hitmarker. However, if you're playing at the highest level against players that are very solid and play very smart, it gets absolutely abused. In Halo 2 for example, let's say you're hiding on S1 on Lockout in that little cubby area, normally people will chuck some grenades in there to weaken anyone in there before walking in. Sometimes, depending on the situation, you can survive the grenades while still remaining low shields, but you can stay in cover hidden and if something were to get their attention to take it off of you while hiding in the cubby, its a chance you can get your shields back and get a flank as they walk past or team shot them if a teammate is shooting them. Because as far as he/she knows, no ones you're there. However, with grenade hitmarkers, you no longer have that stealth aspect to the game. You instantaneously know if there are people in an area and it didn't take any skill to retrieve the information you did. For the simple fact that you spawn with grenades, they're all over the map via dead bodies, and they can be picked up off the map, you have plenty at your disposal to use. Not only that, but you can practically gauge how weak someone is by the grenade hitmarker as well, especially depending on where you throw it. Again, me for example, I'm aware enough to know where people hide when they're full shields vs when they're already weak. Depending on where I place a grenade, I'll know that if I hit you, you're more than likely half shields or lower; as an example. Also, let's not pretend that people don't throw random grenades across the map to feel out areas. I've competed in this game for a decade and I still do it to this day (relatively speaking considering the fact that I don't actually play Halo anymore due to 343 but my point stands). If we were on pit and I just launched grenade to mauler off the back wall, I will IMMEDIATELY know if the other team spawned there. There's no more guessing involved, I can call it out to my teammates and my team can set up around the spawn area. And the other team just gets flooded - No guess work needed to be done. Yes, Pit isn't a huge map to begin with I'm just giving a quick example. This goes so much deeper than people becoming suddenly gods because of hitmarkers, it has to do with situations that are no longer possible due to the information you receive, as a player, for throwing them. It affects both sides, the person throwing the grenade and the person being hit by it.
  4. Wow.. Color me fucking SHOCKED -- Not sarcasm.
  5. I'm personally trying to figure out how 343 gathered the idea that they're planning on supporting a game for a decade with expectation that their game will last that long, with the historical data that can very easily point out that 85% of the player retention falls off after just a few weeks/a month or two with every single one of their games; including their latest one. Where did that thought come from? There must be a ton of stuff we don't know about yet.
  6. I'm about to dive into the wilds of Halowaypoint and see what I find.
  7. That's EXACTLY what I said. They definitely had me for a bit I'm like.. "No sprint? No recoil on the guns? Okay I think we can deal with th-- Ah, there it is."
  8. I was literally _waiting_ for the sprint. Damn it. Some of the guns look cool but Sprint Clamber Grappling Hook... I'm not the BIGGEST fan of the last two but that first one... I literally hate sprint in Halo, that one mechanic ruins the entire fun out of the game. I can live with clamber.
  9. Get outside, don't leave outside unless you're going back to get the sniper or OS.
  10. This. This stops a LOT of the insane amount of quitters in the game. Don't allow players to leave and just join another match, while people who are actually trying to play and enjoy themselves, have to stay and get destroyed for the next 10 minutes. They shouldn't be allowed to go play and enjoy themselves either. Overwatch does this as well. For the people who quit, suspend them from searching if they don't rejoin after a certain period of time. Because some people do actually just lag out of games.
  11. That’s because Reach, the game itself, is horrible. The discussion digressed to what it did because I mentioned that Sanc and Pit were good for competitive because they were better than every single original map in the game — And most importantly, actually PLAYABLE to compete on. No one stated that they were these god tier maps that needed to be the game. The ONLY thing I said is that they played far better than every other map in the game -- Which is true. There wasn't a single instance in which I, or someone else, has said that those two maps specifically were good. Somehow, he decided to do some mental gymnastics in his head that insinuated that because Sanc and Pit were better than every original map in the game, that remakes should somehow be the gold standard or something. What I actually said, was that the problem lies in where they become the only viable maps in the game, in which, excluding Countdown and Zealot, there were ZERO other considerable options. Furthermore, the only other thing I said was that remakes here and there, under the assumption that they play well. This is when I gave the example of Chill Out, which is one of the best CE maps compared to Cold Storage which is one of the worst Halo 3 maps. The argument wasn’t even originally about whether or not Reach maps were good, because the entire game was trash. I just gave a specific example as to why remakes are not bad considering the only playable maps in were remakes. The entire viable map pool (Or 50% of them in Reach’s case) should not consist of remakes.
  12. Lmao cute that you believe you “won” an argument, in which you made zero points. The fact that you were sitting here trying to “win”, when I was just trying to have a respectful discussion just shows why no one is taking you seriously. “They weren’t any good and I already know that” — Great take here bud. All of your talking points consist of you responding like a little whiny bitch lol. But I digress, as long as you “won” the argument, I see no more reason to go back and forth about this. It’s not like you’re coherent enough to make an argument to begin with.
  13. - Can’t admit that his arguments are subjective - Wants a reasons as to why the maps were good for competitive Reach at the time - Receives list of said reasons - Couldn’t refute a single point - Couldn’t list a singular objective reason as to why those two maps were “bad” after I gave him that list - “Cool story bro.” I think we’re done here. I’ve read all I need to read because I’m clearly being trolled or I’m talking to someone from Halowaypoint.
  14. Of course you're not getting my point, you're actively ignoring it. They are horrible maps TO. YOU. I don't know what other fonts and character formats I need to use in order to get you to read. ALL of your points are subjective. I have no idea how you think I'm ignoring it when I've literally said this to you twice already. --- I know exactly what I responded to, I think you need to read my reply again. My original reply to you, was that remakes are not all bad, and the problem lies in the fact where these are the only viable maps. I then stated that The Pit and Sanctuary carried a lot of the weight in that department for Halo Reach specifically because we couldn't survive with just Zealot and Countdown. You then followed up with remakes being boring (subjective). And that's when you replied, that Sanc and Pit were garbage (also subjective, and another baseless opinion of yours). After you state this, I then proceed to give you all of the "original" maps that you're sitting here clamoring for (apparently), such as Powerhouse, Reflection, Sword Base, etc all of which were LITERALLY garbage because they had no competitive viability and the proof of that is that we DID NOT PICK THEM FOR A REASON. If Pit and Sanc were so bad, they wouldn't have even be considered for competitive gameplay. Please screenshot or quote where I said ANYTHING about Halo Reach returning to MCC would all of the sudden resurge the competitive Halo community. I'll sit here and wait for you to show me where I said anything like that or implied it in anyway. The only thing I said was I would love to see a tournament ran in Halo Reach with zero forge maps and see how much fun people have -- Which is challenge to your entire logic that Pit and Sanc were absolutely garbage, but somehow the majority of people who did play the game (which I'm starting to doubt you even played at this point), much preferred those two maps over the originals in the game. This is not even an argument. You are factually incorrect on that point. --- You're literally just creating arguments that I didn't say in your head and then arguing against those talking points. I'm starting to think you're trolling at this point. I did not say "Sanc and Pit are good maps that did good things for Reach's competitive circuit, and therefore remakes are good" lmao. Like I literally never said that at all. No one is drowning you in rhetoric, you're making up arguments that I haven't even made and then proceeding to tell me I'm wrong; which is not rhetoric... That's just you severely lacking reading comprehension. I implied it because it's true. I don't need to hold a tournament to convey the positive impact it had on competitive Reach right now, actually: We now have map variety that doesn't consist of only two maps (Zealot and Countdown) These two maps specifically offered for more gametype > map pool variety since both of those maps could play multiple gametypes They're actually balanced maps (Looking at every original map in Halo Reach) They're maps that actually don't have any inherent overpowered strategy like say for example vs Powerhouse which, if you've ever played Top 1% Onyx in Arena the strategy was literally, get to the top, rain down bullets -- GG. Now please, you give me some actual reasons why Pit and Sanc were just "absolute garbage" in Reach that doesn't include any of your silly rhetoric of "These map are so boring. Nobody likes Halo Reach. Everybody and their dog has played these maps." I've never debated someone so immature on these forums. Good god. These aren't arguments, this is your personal opinion on the game. The fact that you sat here and typed out the words "Well, Reach wasn't any fun for anybody period - except for invasion kids" and then decided to post it knowing that there was an entire BTB community that thrived because of this game is just astronomically ridiculous of you to say, and only further strengthens my opinion that you're clearly just giving your baseless, subjective opinion on the game. That and the fact that the only time the competitive community was having any fun was when we went with our v7 settings. And I would know, I was working at MLG throughout the entire Halo Reach circuit after I stopped competing at the end of Halo 3. I was very involved with the testing and in tune with the community. These aren't just my opinions, these are majority of the competitive Halo community's opinion. (inb4 Argumentum ad populum -- It has nothing to do with the number of people, it has to do with the fact that you saying that "nobody" liked Halo Reach is FACTUALLY incorrect, considering there are people that.. Shocking to hear this I know, liked the game. You and I however, are people who didn't like the game). And furthermore, no one is saying you're not allowed to think these maps are garbage. I personally think Halo Reach as a whole was garbage and every game after that as well, but the thing is I'm also being objective about the game seeing as I actually involved myself in playing at a high level and trying to understand why certain maps/mechanics are bad for the competitive nature of the game.
  15. As a separate point. No one on this forum is under the impression that Halo needs remakes in order for it to survive. Obviously, we all want good original maps. I feel like this discussion has evolved into a random assumption that if you want remakes here and there, then you want no original maps whatsoever. That's absolutely absurd. There's always room for a remake or two, they're fun. No one, to this day, has recommend that every map from Halo CE, Halo 2 and Halo 3, comprise of the entire map pool in Halo Infinite when it releases. But let's just say for example, Halo Infinite plays exactly like Halo 5 (and god, I sincerely hope it doesn't), we all are going to want original maps. Clearly. But I don't think anyone would mind a Coliseum remake, because it may end up being a map that plays really well due to the playstyle. If Halo Infinite played like Halo 5, I highly doubt anyone would want to see a Derelict remake in the game - It has to make sense. Again, this is just an example.

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