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  1. I agree, this would be one of those "good" problems. In the Halo 2 Hardcore playlist on MCC, me and my team literally never voted for a game because EVERY gametype is extremely fun to play and it didn't matter which gametype the other team wanted to play; which I believe is the crux of the concept @Cursed Lemon was alluding to. We could just play games and enjoy ourselves in the competitive mindset we set out for. We were only forced to start voting when Halo 3 invaded the playlist.
  2. Yeah but a lot of the times as history has given us with this company, there's not just like one bad map, there's always several. They kept Snowbound, Orbital, and Epitaph (for example) and the like in rotation for all the playlist they applied to for pretty much the duration of the game -- and on top of that there are actually people who thoroughly enjoy the Snowbound AR start just as much as people loved Armor Lock camping on top of Sword Base for whatever reason; hence why they never removed them. If we reduce the amount of times "good" map/gametypes occur based on how much we veto the bad types of combinations, eventually you'll get to the point during your session where it's nothing but a pool of horrid map/gametype combinations. However, I will agree that the veto system should be stat tracked and monitored in some sort of database. I've reiterated this sentiment dozens of times during our Halo 3 era, because I was willing to bit my limbs that above level 30, anything AR start was vetoed almost instantly except by a choice few teams who loved to pick those gametypes for a cheese strategy -- Which were very few and far between.
  3. Why should frequency play a part in it though? That would just increase the opportunity to get maps that are vetoed constantly (i.e. Snowbound, Orbital, etc) because of the lack of quality of said maps. Sometimes its just the luck of the draw that we played Heretic a few times over the course of day. I don't really think we should decrease the frequency of good maps to potentially play crappier ones just for the sake of variety, you know?
  4. Was a very simple typo lol, I would've caught it at some point. When you're just quickly typing out a thought on the phone, it happens. Freaking weird man. People don't even know these people personally and will just throw stuff because they hate them for some arbitrary reason lol. This extends outside of video games of course, people are that way with almost any celebrity.
  5. Can't forget that someone threw an actual crab at Hungrybox on main stage after beating Mango in grand finals with typical Puff stuff.
  6. Really now? For as long as I competed in that game, I've quite literally never seen this until MCC. Go figure lol.
  7. @WildCherry Might need to add the bug where stickies bounce off of enemies if it hits their weapon.
  8. Pays for itself if you play two new games -- This feature was a bargain.
  9. As a native Chicagoan, seeing "Willis Tower" triggers tf out of me. Dope they'll be an event here though lol.
  10. You mean the Laptop Gun from Perfect Dark? I think you're on to something.
  11. Apparently you missed the part that said (or just movement in general). But sure, we'll just pretend I didn't say that so that you can pretend that I don't know what I'm talking about lol. Show you evidence of this? How about the fact that there's literally a setting for you to change said mechanic? Also, noticed the choice of words you used: If you didn't even pay attention to strafe acceleration until you read a post by Basu just earlier today, how would you think that you have enough of an understanding to even dispute his claim, let alone argue against it? All you have is your anecdotal comment that it worked fine from your PoV, but you didn't even pay attention to it until today. I honestly think you just argue about things just to argue in this thread so I'm hesitant about actually going back and forth with you about this.
  12. Strafe acceleration (or just movement in general) has been a pretty popular topic since Halo 3 man. There's a reason our base movement speed was faster in the MLG settings. If you're a competitive player, how you're able to move/strafe is very important. Good players notice it immediately because movement mechanics are something you understand in-depth the more you play. A lot of players when they begin playing the game tend to think linearly: I like X gun because it kills faster than Y I like X map because I get lost on Y I like X gametype because it's more fun to play than Y Once you start understanding the game at a higher level, you're thinking about the mechanics that makes the game work the way it does and movement is definitely one of them.
  13. So I'm currently packing at the moment as I'm getting ready to move in a few days, and naturally whenever I do this I always come across some of my old memorabilia back from when I was working at MLG from 2011-2014. God damn were these events fun to go to. I'm so mad that I had at least 12-14 or some odd number of these badges but I can only find like 7 of them because I think the rest are back in my parents home. I really wish the Pro Circuit was still a thing for Halo. Going to the events to compete and then later to work was probably the best times I had as a teenager. Looking at these reminded me of all the damn friends I made through this game and how some of the relationships I gained ended up with them being more family than my own family. BibleThumps in the chat. ============ First Halo: Halo CE (I was 10 and played it like twice) Favorite Halo: Halo 2 First Competitive Halo: Halo 2 Least Played Halo: Halo 5 Favorite Gun: SMG/Magnum Combo - Halo 2 Favorite Map: Midship (Tour de fucking Walsh -- Doing these every day is what made me a better player) Favorite Pro: Roy -- Our play-styles are very similar
  14. French Toast Crunch is butt. Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Crunch Berries master race.

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