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  1. I hope I'm able to punish the grapple hook in a few ways. Shooting people out the air when they zip to the ceiling, not a problem. Not too concerned about that. However, and I hope this doesn't have to be said but, I genuinely hope that if someone grapple shots a fusion coil or something, that I can shoot it out their hands. There's always something in the back of my mind that I can just see being stupid about new mechanics being put into Halo (we haven't had the best track record). So as long as the hurtboxes for fusion coils still exists and/or I can shoot people zipping at me, I'm not too worried about most of the grappleshot. I genuinely hope if someone grappleshots me and zips towards me, I don't lose all control of my character or something. Because that would be annoying. Considering the fact we know we can nade weapons, them grapple hooking weapon pads doesn't really bother me too much. I would prefer if they didn't announce when weapons are coming up and force people to learn the maps/timings, but it's hard to get games to do things like that these days.
  2. Lol I feel like every year there's nitpicks on the announcers/HUD with very minute things. I genuinely never care about any of this. There's only 1 HUD issue I've ever had and it's the grenade hitmarkers. I'm genuinely more concerned about the gunplay/gameplay mechanics/etc because they're actually the part that matters. Sprint is "looking" like it's not as impactful as Reach/4/5 so far... But obviously I'm very skeptical.
  3. Just looked at it being shot in the Premiere, didn't look like any recoil Edit: When it was zoomed in, it looked like it was very small/in between shots
  4. Assuming you're not trolling (you probably are and I'm just taking the bait lol), why do you think that? Sincere question, not antagonizing you or anything.
  5. Honestly, a lot of the negativity has to do with the obliviously ridiculous decisions that we tell them well in advance that will hurt the game/healthy population and then they just actively ignore it, put it into the game anyway, and then the game dies because of it. It's not like a lot of the negativity is just because it's a bunch of grumpy old men/women on here lol. We've had PLENTY of positive feedback on this forum, myself included. And even when I am giving feedback, I always give very detailed posts about why certain features are good and why they're bad -- Go back through my post history and find a single negative thing I've ever said about Halo 5's forge - And I hate Forge lol. I've had replies back and forth with Josh Holmes specifically on here. But not every piece of feedback needs to be positive. That's why it's called feedback. One example of an interaction I've had with Josh Holmes on here specifically was before Halo 5 came out and I wrote a post about the importance of party matchmaking at the very beginning of the game to sustain a healthy population at ALL skill levels because it makes the games more fair and balanced - Team matching + looser skill matching (meaning teams of 4 match teams of 4 but the range of skill can be slightly wider, similar to how 43s can match 49s in Halo 3 for example). He responded to me with something like (paraphrasing) "Hard and fast rules like that can be problematic so we can't do it" or something along those lines but... Halo 3's matchmaking did this for years with NO problems. Where's the problem? And you know what the issue was when Halo 5 released? People like myself got Champion on the first day playing the game and had to deal with NOTHING but teams of 4, even pro teams, against myself and a team of other randoms and lose game handily due to lack of team communication/synergy/etc. Especially during the age of Xbox where the game chat isn't a thing as it used to be; exasperating the issue. Could I win games? Of course, I'm not garbage at the game, but the games are entirely more unbalanced than they need to be. Especially during the beginning of the game's life span where the population is at its highest. So what happened? People stopped playing ranked, people couldn't get matches after a few months. Vetoed for example, is probably one of the best that just grinds matchmaking and he had to CONSTANTLY make new accounts because he just couldn't get a match after a while. Let's not also forget the big sprint poll fiasco where 343 basically had a poll on EVERY active Halo forum: TeamBeyond, Reddit, and HaloWaypoint. All three of which voted in favor of no sprint vs for sprint. Were you around when they decided "okay, no sprint was the majority opinion on every forum, BUT we're going to count people who don't care either way as for sprint therefore, for sprint wins." And then what happens? The people who don't care and the people who voted for sprint don't even play the game anyway past the first 6 days of the game coming out and we're stuck playing a worse version of a great game we could have possibly had. I just wanted to elaborate on this because you can't paint this picture like we're the bad guys when a LOT of us have tried our asses off for a decade to give feedback they need that we KNOW will help in the games life cycle and they just do the opposite and we have to watch our game die in the process.
  6. I try not to shit on newer games specifically because I don't enjoy playing them. Fornite is a great example. I just don't have fun with the game personally but I can see why many people enjoy it and that's why I've never said a single bad thing about the game. But my MAIN issue with newer games these days, kind of goes with what Grim and Knight are talking about. I absolutely cannot stand the fact that I just cannot see anything clearly on games these days due to just overwhelming amounts of glare, lighting, effects, etc. One effect that I'm not sure has an actual name (if it does, I just don't know it is) is that effect you get when leaving and entering a building from inside to outside. Yes, I get it in real life your eyes adjust to the sun going in and out of a building but that effect is very annoying when you're trying to play a video game and you have to adjust to seeing an area that you're staring directly at, just because of the lighting. The last two Call of Duty games have been like this for me, specifically Modern Warfare. I can play just fine, because I'm good at the game, but it's a pain in the ass trying to see certain areas across maps in that game because there is just so much noise and, as Grim said, sensory overload going on that it just makes it more unnecessarily difficult to play. I feel like I'm transitioning to that Okay Boomer stage of my life (and I'm not even 30 yet ) but I miss the old days where I can simply just get on a game and.. see.
  7. It was a dumb play for sure. I can understand a slight increase to price to generate some more revenue (i.e. $6 -> $8) so that they can provide XYZ, but simply and arbitrarily doubling the price completely out of the blue with no new announcements of anything... Lol, I don't know who the guy was who made this call but Xbox did not need this bad press. They just shot themselves in the foot for no reason.
  8. My god you're right! I miss being able to do this with 8 players -- I damn near forgot that was a feature. That was absolutely great. Used to do this in Reach all the time and it was hella fun doing this with your friends/relatives.
  9. The run with SasquatchSensei was so fun to watch; I never get tired of watching speedruns but it was shocking to me that I've actually never sat down and watched a Halo 3 speed run until this event. Only CE and 2 have I watched before hand. Was hella good
  10. Just wanted to let anyone who's into speedruns and stuff like that, that they're going to be Speedrunning Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST on Thursday on https://www.twitch.tv/gamesdonequick
  11. In regards to the aiming portion, if you played the Halo 5 Beta on Xbox and then the actual game afterwards, you would understand why "squirrely aim" is a big meme on these forums; it's completely awful. If you played on nothing but PC, as I mentioned in my post, the aiming is absolutely amazing on PC so I can understand your remarks on how it could possibly be bad on Console; it didn't make sense to any of us either. Myself and @automatousbeing we're making videos a few years in the H5/MCC threads trying to diagnose the issue with the aiming using automated scripts and we were able to find out that on the Xbox version of the game, there's this inconsistency with the acceleration when turning a direction. In Forge mode, you can actually view your aiming coordinates on your HUD and you could actually see the issue. For example let's say my X and Y coordinates are at 0, 0. We wrote a script that would basically Shoot > turn left for 1 second > record the resulting X, Y coordinate > Commit suicide > Repeat. We were noticing that if the result was 27.5, 0 one time 27.5, 0 the second time, the third instance would end up being like 31.8, 0 or 26.2, 0. And it would do this constantly. On PC, no issues. In response to your Forge feedback, while sure it's easy to say that it's still a pile of blocks but the enhancements they made from Halo 3 > Halo Reach > Halo 4 > Halo 5 were very significant. Yes, there's still limitations on what you can do but to reduce it's ability to is kind disingenuous in my opinion. The ability to modify weapons, manipulate spawns down to very minute details, map/item clipping for smoother and more consistent building, and all of the additional features that Forge had in Halo 5 made it extremely seamless for a LOT of creators to make some pretty cool and interesting maps. For a Halo game? That Forge mode was pretty amazing, Tom French did a kick ass job spear-heading this and his team; and this is coming from the biggest Halo 5 hater on this forum.
  12. If we're talking strictly in terms of what we've enjoyed the most -- I'm not separating games by hardcore settings except Reach. Default Reach and ZBNS Reach are literally two different games. Halo 2 - 4v4 in terms of skill, speed, teamwork, and just overall fun across the game (custom games, messing around and climbing buildings outside of the maps in your downtime, the MLG scene back in the day, etc.. Just a feeling that can't be matched). Slight bias since I started with this game, but it was impossible not to put countless hours into this game no matter what you were doing. Competitive or casual. Halo CE - Since this took the absolute most skill out of the franchise and you can't just cheese your way to a win this was definitely the most enjoyable as far as working to get better. I got really good at Halo during the H2 era but went back to learn this game in 2006; extremely fun to actually just learn and play this game. ZBNS Reach - Actually pretty fun to just sit around and play casually; had a lot of balance to it and if we had more default maps to play on this would've outclassed every other Halo besides the ones below by a large margin. Halo 3 - Lol... If Equipment didn't exist in this game, probably would be the best social game amongst the franchise. MLG settings made up for it tenfold. Plus, it was fun to just make new accounts and get 50s in every playlist. Online hit registration made this game annoying sometimes but on LAN it was pretty great. Playing this on MCC is frustrating as hell when you get the horrible map selection and can't veto though, especially if you're playing the doubles playlist and have to play against Ghost Town powerdrain/regen/bubbleshield sweats. I would probably have this second to last if I never played the OG version of the game. Halo 4 - If I'm on MCC and someone mentions wanting to play H4, I'll usually never say no because it's actually a pretty chill Halo to just play when you're with some friends. Competitively it was abysmal, but socially.. Meh, not bad. The weapons despawning in 2 seconds, no map pickups and ordinance and stuff like that made it pretty crappy. Default Reach - The introduction to sprint and the introduction to abilities, specifically armor lock. Terrible maps except two out of the box (Zealot and Countdown) and all of the Forge maps in every playlist were complete trash and completely unbalanced. This is not even mentioning bloom which is just.. Lol. This version of reach goes back and forth between Halo 5 for me as far as least enjoyable. Halo 5 - I don't see how anyone enjoys this game in any fashion. The controller aiming on console is completely horrid and they had to "fix it" 3 separate times for it to be tolerable (oddly enough the controller aiming on PC is godlike and the mouse aiming is bad lol). Sprint. Spartan Charge. Sprint-Thrust-Slide-Jump nonsense (people tend to claim this was a skillful thing but took everyone who used it maybe 10 minutes to learn, it's not complicated), Ground pound -- Just a bunch of abilities that reward you for doing absolutely nothing and take no skill to do so. Extremely slow gameplay due to the fact that maps are three times the size of any other Halo game and why matches tend to never finish. Weapon balance was terrible (the fact that autos dominated the game from mid-close range, especially the OP storm rifle at the beginning of the game). Breakout being one of the least fun modes and being forced on us in tournaments -- It honestly got to the point where on online ladders, my team and the other team would usually just mutually agree to play a different game mode instead for Game 2 (and/or 4). No social matchmaking -- Had to constantly make new accounts to play with my cousins because I was in Champion in most of the playlists and they're gold-silver players at best because they just casually play the game and they just get steam rolled playing with me on my main account. Population was terrible after just a few months.. This game just made for an overall bad experience. I don't see how people on waypoint boast about this game "being such a blast!" Everything about this game was infuriating if you played it at a high level. This game had one redeeming quality for me and it was the Forge mode. That forge mode was godlike.
  13. If you're doing it specifically for Next-Gen look for a TV that supports HDMI 2.1.
  14. This actually felt great on PC because controller aiming functioned properly on PC (while ironically, mouse aiming on H5 PC was awful). I genuinely hope in Infinite they realize that their brand new, ground breaking, anti-squirrly aim implementation was awful and go back to what's worked since 2001. Mechanically speaking, Halo 4 and Halo 2 Anniversary probably had the best aiming mechanics. If there's ONE thing you can take from Halo 4, as terrible as the game was, the aiming felt solid. Whoever said it earlier was spot on. I'd take Halo 4 with all the nonsense any day of the week over Halo 5 because at the very least I can shoot the other players and everything is consistent.
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