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  1. Haven’t seen this posted yet - Definitely amazing news. Don’t even have to come out of pocket if it ends up not being good. Big news if it includes the PC version as well. I ended up getting the Game Pass Ultimate for 3 years thanks to that $1 offer they were doing when they first announced it (might still be doing it tbh) - Couldn't really ask for a better deal on Xbox at the moment.
  2. Gotta go what's going to actually make you some consistent money, unfortunately.
  3. I feel like in my personal experience (we're talking about ZBNS right?) the consistency with the DMR at close range vs NR is a lot more consistent. If you miss a headshot in the middle of the gunfight with the NR at close range let alone the final headshot at the end where usually every player jumps to avoid the last headshot, you can almost forget about it with the NR. The damage per bullet is just too punishing if you miss a shot at close range with the NR. That being said, that bullet mag you mentioned is what makes the NR extremely solid at mid to long range. The fact that you can practically hip fire all the way across Zealot is OD lol. With the DMR, the close range strafes/out DMR is significantly more consistent though.
  4. Highlighted green the parts I wanted to respond to because you're 100% correct and I agree wholeheartedly. Like I said, I take your word for it they existed and there was a room for a TON of growth programming wise. There were bugs in Halo CE, 2 and 3 that were really annoying, for example, there has always been an issue with jumping in CE where it's a slight delay. As annoying as this issue is, there are sooooo many good DESIGN decisions in CE that made little small functionality issues almost irrelevant. Conversely, Halo 5 as you've noted and I agree with, there are just SOOOOOO many stupid/ridiculous/non-sensical design decisions that it makes the functionality look piss poor, then when the functionality issues occur (like the theater, UI skips, REQ glitches, etc) it just makes the game look a lot worse. (Trust me I had some well thought critiques on this game as well because trust me, this game did NOT go without my personal criticim lol. That's for damn sure: Part 1, Part 2 -- This was more of my wish list wanting the best things from each of the respective games) I'm desperately hoping Halo Infinite gets everything right. Functionality and design.
  5. Why wouldn't MCC be the bar I'm setting? It's the last game 343 has released. Not sure what you're really trying to infer by saying "it's not doing anything to tell me Halo 5 is good" when that wasn't a claim that I made in any facet. You're speaking to someone who also thinks the game is bad. And okay great, you noted that there are still some outstanding issues. You make it seem as if I said the game had zero bugs whatsoever and the game was perfect. I'm pretty sure I can dig up several posts on TeamBeyond specifically (not to mention when this was known as TheHaloCouncil and before that the mlgpro.com forums) of me reiterating how I hate the fact that theater mode isn't what it used to be compared to something back in 2007. But you also didn't see me singing high praises about the theater mode either. I think the menu search glitch happened to me a couple times as well. Definitely a stupid bug. I'll be honest I have no idea what REQ glitch you're referring to but I'll take your word for it and say it happens. I could sit here and go back and forth about the critiques of the game and the menu and majority of them I agree with, but I feel like you made this entire post just to explain to me that you think Halo 5 is awful and you don't like how it functions; like your points about the helmets and how they look alike and all that... That's perfectly acceptable. But none of that was my point though. My main point was that it's easy to nitpick on the bugs that annoy you whilst ignoring the 10,000 other functions that work amazingly. I was just giving my perspective on the fact that despite hating this wack ass game (lol) that I can appreciate/respect the amount of development that went into it because it's NOT as simple as people like to make it sound. And this is really the crux of the issue because even with the slight bugs here and there not everyone experienced the same issues and some of the issues didn't happen all the time, it happened like a few times here and there and it's just something that needs to be addressed. It's not stopping you from playing the game, it's just little annoyances.
  6. Which is the absolute dumbest thing to me, and I agree with you 100%. They spent time redesigning the redesign to fix the complaints that arose meanwhile, they release the PC version of Halo 5 where the controller aiming was fantastic and the mousing was terrible because of the weird acceleration curves that they used with the controller on console. Like I never understood the logic behind changing it for the sake of change when there were soooo many other aspects of the game that needed to be tweaked. Like Spartan Charge that stuns you for and these nuclear grenades the bounce you off the ground and prevent you from moving. The game's design choices made absolutely zero sense to me from a Halo MP perspective and I stand by that statement to this very day. It just felt like they were trying to balance out the movement by messing with the aiming, which made no sense because you just balance out the movement. Lol the good ol' NASA excuse
  7. And just let me be clear: Fuck Halo 5 and every multiplayer design decision that was made in that game. Halo was a big part of my life and was actually the primary reason I went to school for 3D Simulation Programming. However, Halo 4 and Halo 5 absolutely destroyed my love for the franchise to the point where I almost had to rebuild my love for gaming in general because it was such a big part of my life. I wouldn’t have my current career without it. I wouldn’t have travelled across the country from 16-21 to both compete in and work for MLG all those years. I wouldn’t have made all the friends I did and joined the TeamBeyond forums if I didn’t love this franchise; I’d probably somewhere lost in the sea of Reddit disgustingness if it wasn’t the case. To see Halo in the state that it’s in, saddens the crap out of me and the moment I see anything stupid Ike Armor Abilities in Halo Infinite, I can assure you I’m NOT buying it. Just sucks to see Halo in the hands of people who don’t care where it came from.
  8. Tempted to go towards the latter. The code for the aiming never left their repository; they simply just never reverted it. They could simply cherry pick commits from their Git/Svn/Etc repository and call it a day, but again it seems like something they just didn’t do — In which it could be a case of the fact it wasn’t the actual programmers decision to do so. Because again, it’s not like they no longer have the code from that point in time. There’s zero chance of that being the case. Nevertheless I agree, the aiming was complete ass but apparently something they wanted. Again, design decision. Not programming decision which is what I keep trying to reiterate makes a distinct difference. With the points you made with the UI, while true, it did have its problems, it’s easy to point 3-4 bugs that occurred every once in a while; again, slightly exaggerated because even as a person who didn’t care/play about Warzone, I still opened all my packs whenever I got them and maybe saw the error.. Idk, 4-5 times out of like 500? It was probably a server or connection issue. The aiming was probably the worst in the franchise but again, another design decision which I don’t think I’m seeming to get across to everyone as what I thought was good programming. There’s a distinct difference and the people who thought the aim was “too squirrelly” were more than likely not the same people who actually submitted the code. There aren’t many developers in the industry that could actually CODE a game like Halo 5 from scratch, that’s just entirely too much work. The forge team had a monolithic project on their hands and for the amount of features that existed in Forge, it was pretty exceptional if you ask me. I went to school and work professionally with 3D development (C++ primarily, but a little C# when I’m doing front end work) and it’s is EXTREMELY complicated so yes, I also understand Forge wasn’t 100% perfect but can we also agree that it was about 90%? Because that’s what I’m getting at here. And Forge continued to get better and better as time went on, it’s not like they shipped it and called it a day. Same with the UI. I would venture to say that no one has a clip of the UI freezing for more than a second or two, I’m just gonna be honest man. Like I’m acknowledging the fact that it definitely did have its skips but for me to sit here and be disingenuous and say that it freezes for like 20 seconds at a time when I can actually understand why certain hiccups may exist, would just be outright dishonest.
  9. Let me start off by saying I hate everything about Halo 5. I hate playing that game, I haven't played in almost 3 years. With that out of the way, if we're talking strictly development - I would HEAVILY disagree. The difference in programming was EXTREMELY noticeable for Halo 5 vs MCC (in which MCC had an astronomical ass ton of issues haha). The UI design and functionality worked just fine. I literally have no idea what you're even talking about with the Halo 5 UI being a complete mess. I've seen like maybe three for four serious bugs come across my timeline in reference to UI. Simply not liking it is not bad programming. Can you be more specific? Networking.. Um.. Last time I checked, MCC was the one with the network issues. There's lag sometimes but a vast majority of the games most players on Xbox live experienced were pretty good. Again, not sure what you're talking about here. Forge, I'm actually surprised you said this because Forge was my main example of their programming ability. Do you understand how absurdly complicated it had to have been to design Halo 5's forge?? Think about all the features, all the functionality, all the different type of forge options you can include in almost every aspect... That's some SOLID development. Ever since Forge released in Halo 3, I've never given a care in the world about it but Halo 5's Forge was a work of beauty. Yes, there are instances of maps that cause frame rate drops, yes. This more than likely had to do with the amount rendered vs Level-of-Detail that is currently being generated in relation to the Xbox's CPU/GPU. However not every map is like that. Can you elaborate a little more than just the blanket statement of "a complete mess"? Because Halo 5's development was pretty solid for the most part. And that's from the perspective of someone who hates the hell out of that game lol. A couple of bugs here and there is not "a complete mess" that's just what happens unfortunately. The UI bugs you listed here are pretty much the main 2-3 I saw coming across my timeline that I just mentioned previously; I don't know about 20 seconds though. A bit exaggerated to be honest, it was like 1-2 seconds where it would skip lol. But the REQ store being a cash cow is something I didn't like about the game either but that's not a programming flaw, that's just a crappy design decision in which the two aren't related. If we're going to talk about games crashing, let's not pretend that every game we've ever played doesn't have issues haha. Halo 3 on Xbox 360 used to crash a lot as well, but you never hear about that games development being complete ass.
  10. Just depends on the type of bug. For example: "You finished 1th" is something that can be fixed, tested and shipped in a matter of a couple hours. Having the game throw exceptions (aka when the game crashes) because of an issue of attempting to access some memory location that's supposed to be allocated but it's not, can range from very simple to complex. Most of the developers at 343 (programming wise) are pretty competent based on how well Halo 5 was developed. I don't think they're going to be huge, it was probably just some special cases that weren't accounted for or something like that. --- That being said, there are probably still dozens of bugs still outstanding. Whenever they say something like "we have 1-2 bugs that need to get resolved" they're usually referring to like Critical level bugs, regardless of how big they are. There's probably a few dozen bugs in their backlog at all times. Probably more.
  11. Speaking from a developer perspective, two months is also "last minute changes" because your QA department needs AT LEAST a month for testing the software (at companies that actually HAVE a QA department and not just other developers peer reviewing your code -- Regression test suites, automated tests, Zephyr tests, etc). Two months and one month isn't a big difference in developer time, especially if you've been working on a project for years. This is completely different than just changing a dialog or fixing some issues. Changing an entire design a couple of months away is tough to do because it's not as straightforward as people think. There are a lot of moving parts in applications (not just games, all software) that work together in parallel. Not to mention multi-threaded applications.. Ugh lol..
  12. Lmao my bad, while I will say it actually does prove a point to an extent, the goal with me joking with this wasn't to incite an argument over pub stomping lol. My main point was that it just accentuates the issue of snowball effects that AR/SMG start has had for as long as I can remember -- In which if you're playing against competent players (i.e. in this specific case aKR3ZZ, Wasp, etc) this whole argument of "Dynamic map movement and epic close range encounters" argument that AR start advocates like to throw around, flies completely out the window because of how completely powerless you are to defend yourself. The same can be applied to various events in Halo's history where something needed to be patched/modified in order for these types of things to stop happening/being abused - In Reach I think the very first thing that got fixed was Zealot. There's a reason why the top of the map was fixed in like the first month -- That's because if you were in Onyx at the beginning of the game like I was, you'll see that every team instantaneously ran up the lifts at the beginning and just camped the entire game on that little dome. Did these teams ruin the experience in the game? Absolutely; I was pissed because I think I was close to having the most ELO in that playlist at the beginning. But that negative impact caused a change for the better very quickly. All that being said, I think the BTB AR start casuals are safe for now, we can all chill lol. One of their main arguments from the thread I was reading this morning is that with DMR starts "Vehicles are completely useless!" which many (including Stoppabl3 in that very thread) said no, once you lose DMR starts you're going to start seeing Banshees murder you with absolutely no penalty.
  13. Bro I should go tell KR3ZZ to get Domination and the rest of those guys and go into that playlist and steam roll every team for a week straight just to prove a point lol. Especially since there apparently isn't any team matching.
  14. Lmaoooo RIIIPPPPP I shouldn't have even said anything, I feel like I jinxed it
  15. My favorite was when the guy told you to "git gud" and then proceeded to say that he intentionally uses the AR in DMR start game modes and said he kicks -Yoink- consistently lmao. This thread is godlike. Oh I knew it was a lost cause the moment I clicked on the thread, always interesting seeing the perspective from the other side though.

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