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  1. It's worse than Halowaypoint sometimes and that's saying something. I don't even mind majority of the post on there, but ever since that Sprint/NoSprint Poll/Argument, I've just had the worst taste in r/Halo.
  2. Just saw that reddit thread and immediately came here after seeing it. I legit hate that these people have co-signers. "You should be able to just traverse the map and grab weapons after you die" - Yeah sure, if you're playing against Level 5s. Not against players with brains and guns that can kill you across the map without even having to get remotely near you.
  3. Yeah it is the intended use of it, which is why I don't necessarily like it. Could be a matter of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" or I'm just a boomer or just a stupid CE/Halo 2 kid or whatever, but power-ups if they weren't timed correctly, were captured and utilized (immediately) by the other team and by nature would make for more offensive approaches. With its current implementation, you could just secure OS and wait, which I'm not saying is bad, it's just an additional buff that's not necessary because now, it could literally be anyone on their team that has it and you won't know until you're about to fight them almost guaranteeing you a kill with no penalty. ----- I actually don't mind the range considering how strong everything on the map is. My main problem is that the precision weapon we have on spawn alongside of it is outclassed by everything including the AR that you spawn with. At least in H5 I could just hit you with accurate shots and drop you while you're firing at your max rate of fire with the AR. Now, I could maybe kill you, having to deal with a 7sk, one kill per clip, and bloom / having to pace my shots (which against this AR is not an option). The sidekick doesn't really have a recoil / scope problem; that bloom problem supersedes either one of those though. I would take controllable recoil over bloom every day of the week. Why does doesn't my immersed super soldier have the ability to shoot in a straight line? Lol And also you can kill two people with one clip of the AR, not just one. So it has that advantage as well. ----- Yeah, the commando is really good up close, that was probably the first time I've heard that the command isn't good at close range. That was pretty interesting because I matched up with Pros and names I've recognized in comp playlists several games and up close that Commando will work you. It's practically the only time you don't need to pace it, you can legit just hold the trigger down up close and GG. But like I said I mucked around with my sensitivity in academy mode for like 20 minutes so I finally had it in a state that felt great. I don't really care for the equipment and but I don't hate it. I only hate equipment/abilities and stuff like that when they're unnecessarily obnoxious and not conducive towards anything skillful. i.e. Ground Pound, Spartan Charge, Armor Lock, Bubble Shield, Regen, Promethean Vision, etc. Grapple hook is nowhere near as big of a deal and the drop shield thing can be destroyed in a couple seconds so it's not a big deal.
  4. I haven't been to much against some of the hot takes in here but I'm going to challenge a few of these because I really disagree with a couple of them. I probably disagree with this one the most, for a few reasons. The statement you made about getting the full use of a power-up is only contingent on your style of gameplay. Someone mentioned it in here previously, but when you picked up a power-up the incentive for you to be offensive presents itself inherently. Power-ups on most maps are directly in the middle of the map, there's only a few instances where that's not the case (i.e. H3 Guardian and I think Construct are the only two I can think of off the top of my head). Camo lasts for a 60 seconds, and in the context of a Halo match where you can die in 2 seconds, that seems relatively reasonable considering you can traverse half of a map in a matter of 5-10 seconds. So unless you picked up a power up and ran back into your base and then ran to the other base you should be getting the full use of it all the time. That actually leads me to the next point about it's usage in gameplay in that it's primarily going to be used in scenarios where you're guaranteed to get the win, this is how I used it and it worked every single time - You simply wait until you spot an enemy and pop OS. Good luck trying to kill me because none of your team will even know that I have it and the clueless enemy will try to engage me unknowing of that fact and die for free because he's not going to out shoot me. When OS is grabbed there is a very visible outliner that allows your team to coordinate around that person and fight them appropriately. Conversely, the other team is allowed to work around the OS person as well. There's a trade off on both sides. Now, I can see someone and just press the X button. This is basically the same thing as panic-use because I'm just going to press the button immediately; I feel like this is the only statement you made that's contradictory to its usage because you just have to press the button and it's done. It's not like he knows I'm going to have it so the urgency of a team, team-shotting me before I pop it is not there. It's not the strength of the AR that's necessarily the problem, it's the absolute lack of defense you have with your starting precision weapon that introduces the problem. The equivalent scenario would be when Halo 5 first came out; when AR and Storm Rifle absolutely dominated in matches. This game feels like how it would feel if you had AR/Gunfighter Magnum starts during that time, except the gunfighter magnum doesn't do as much damage and you can only kill one person per clip. When H5 first came out, if this was the scenario, absolutely no one would play this. The bloom is really the problem here, the reason the AR is so good is because the kill time is too fast compared to another gun that can kill you faster, but causes you to miss randomly because you're shooting at the max rate of fire; which is silly because the AR can be used from hella distance in this game at its max rate of fire and can still kill you relatively quickly as opposed to the pistol which you have to pace at all distances. I dont think it needs to be able to kill all the way across the map. I think the current range is fine, it's really the current implementation of bloom that's killing it because you have all these other weapons that it absolutely cannot contest properly at least mid range. The commando from my gameplay experience absolutely shreds the pistol up close; if you adjust your aim settings (I modified mine quite a bit to get it to actually feel good) the commando annhilates. I ran into Eco/Renegade/Stellur/Bound when the PVP playlist went alive and you have no idea how ineffective that thing is against teams rushing you down with map pickups and ARs when you can't hit all your shots because of bloom. You die almost instantaneously. The BR is pretty effective at almost every range except point blank but that's always been the case to be fair so not really too much of a surprise there. ---- Everything else, I don't really have an opinion on, or I agree with. I agree with the equipment points for example because I thought the grapple shot was going to be extremely irritating until I used it, it's not that bad at all except when they come up out of nowhere and melee you - But that's just because the melees in the tech test were kinda broken where people would just clip through you and you had to turn around. The drop shield is really not that big of a deal wither because they break in one shot and takes like 3 seconds to actually come out.
  5. This is probably the fastest vanilla Halo game we've ever had, I just dont like how collapse heavy this game is. This is primarily due to the fact that if your starting weapons are useless against multiple people (especially at a distance) so rushing together with teammates is the best strategy because individuals don't have enough ammo to fight two people consecutively. I feel like this would play SIGNIFICANTLY better than just forcing you to rush people down constantly in order to get kills. They honestly should do ONE technical test with AR/Pistol without bloom on the pistol to see how it plays. AR kill times are just way too strong to be left defenseless when you're alone.
  6. To be fair, we do have a direct impact on development. They do the opposite of what we tell them.
  7. It seems like at the current moment that's probably going to be the only way it's going to be effective for sure. These current Marine bots are trash though, they move like morons. They can melt you if they all teamshot you together but it's almost impossible not to get like 18-20 kills a game on these things. Lol watch what happens when a group of bots try to jump for the overshield and get stuck lol I genuinely wish I was recording on PC when that happened this morning because they just keep jumping up and down in a pile trying to figure out how to jump up there .They just need to crank it up to Spartan and call it or just release them all because they're pretty much just target practice at the moment.
  8. That's why I was saying this is probably going to be the worst weapon in the game if there are no changes. It's hard to use effectively against bots -- This is going to be absolutely awful against players with an actual brain. You're better off using this as a shield breaker (ala the Plasma Rifle) and then just switching to another gun. By far more effective than try to kill someone with it.
  9. Just got off the game after playing a few hours and this is an overview of all my first impressions so far: Pistol feels inconsistent - The pistol feels extremely inconsistent and obviously as everyone points out, its probably because of the bloom. Sometimes I can melt with it, sometimes I feel like im running out of ammo too fast. I'm not a fan of the fact that you reload faster when your clip is not empty though. Kind of punishes you to be honest. It should be the fastest all the time. It's a pistol lol. Needler is extremely strong - Lol man I actually love this thing when I'm shooting it, but I hate when the bots have it lmao. This thing annihilates you. Heatwave and plasma carbine are garbage - Heatwave is "okay" at best. The bulldog shotgun or whatever is a lot better IMO; unless they're hella close this thing is kind of useless. I tried seeing how effective this banking mechanic is but honestly at a medium to far distance it doesn't feel like it does anything. The plasma carbine however, even against bots I can tell this gun is going to be hot garbage against people with a brain. You can strafe this thing so easily. There's zero chance you're going to hit actual humans in the head with this thing with all the bursts so with a three shot kill (assuming you hit all body shots) with a five round clip, you have a chance to kill one person. If the other guns didn't have bloom this would probably be the worst weapon in the game. That being said, it seems it would be a hell of a lot more useful to melt a shield switch and headshot - noob combo esque because it does melt shield hella fast. Edit: I retract this statement about the Plasma Carbine. This gun is ridiculous, just have to use it a certain way in matches in stead of trying to use it like a normal rifle. Use it noob-combo style, and it's amazing. Cant tell who my teammates are - I had to switch my friendly teammates to green and keep the enemies red in order to distinguish who is who because the default outlines are very hard to see. Considering the fact that the enemy is blue and you're blue team the whole game, switching the colors is drastically better (green is significantly better to determine your teammates). I can see people with color blindness having a tough time distinguishing teammates if they don't switch these settings. Definitely room for improvement here. Skewer seems cool - I have no complaints or praise for the gun. It's cool. I like that it's not hella easy to use I suppose. Sniper - seems cool, not easy to no scope but not a fan of how slow it is. Miss one no scope and you're done. But that's about it. Settings/Options Customization - I like the amount button/key/setting options and things you can customize. Thank god I can turn off motion blur and adjust my FOV. Post-game stats - I'm not a fan of the post game scoreboard how you can only see certain stats for the whole team but you can see all "your" stats in the player recap. I want to see final game stats for everyone. But I like the fact that theres Damage and accuracy stats. Its pain in the ass to mute somebody in this game Battle Rifle - Feels like different game when using the BR. I can see people clamoring for this gun to be the starting weapon but then I can also see everyone just repeating the "one gun game" argument again because it's almost like you're playing a different game with this gun. Commando - I'm kind of back and forth about this gun, I hate the fact that there's bloom on this - Because that's what give it it's inconsistency, but I honestly played a game where I tried to use nothing but this gun and this thing slays. I think I had about 7100 damage one game using just this gun (teammates were terrible of course but it didn't matter, I killed them way before they got to them). If you semi spam with this gun, it melts. I think this gun could use some reduced bloom and it will be great. Academy Mode - Excellent idea for beginner players. No complaints here other than the fact that I seen someone say the aim assist is amped up here. That shouldn't be a thing if that's true because beginner players should learn how to aim it properly. Movement/Sprint is non factor - Thank god. My favorite part about the game. The base movement speed is crispy as hell not to mention to the strafe is ridiculous. Sometimes the bots will even hit you with a god strafe and you see how good it is. They really should just take this out the game honestly but whatever. Aiming - Xbox controller feels significantly better than MnK honestly. Go play a game like Splitgate for example which is a new, modern FPS on PC with MnK and then go play Halo Infinite with it. It does NOT feel good at all. Xbox controller feels a bit better. However, that's on PC. On the actual Xbox itself, I think I was playing on 60 FPS (gross I know) but the aiming felt A LOT better on Xbox than it did on PC. Optimization - 343 is going to need to fix this immediately if you're expecting to have a healthy PC population because they're not going to tolerate this. This game runs far better on an Xbox Series X at 60 FPS than my PC that's currently using an i9-10850K CPU and an RTX 3090 GPU. I can only max out on about 120 FPS if I set the min max framerates to 120/240, and I cant get any higher than 120 regardless of what I do. Not to mention when you're playing on that high of a FPS, my screen starts freaking out immediately anytime I collide with something (if im sprinting towards a box, my teammates run into me, etc). Playing on a lower FPS mitigates that problem (and no, it's not my PC lol. My PC is a beast, it assuredly handle almost anything I can throw at it). Overall - I am a fan of certain things but my MAIN critique is that everything at the moment, even though everything I said above sounds remotely positive, I hate how inconsistent everything feels. There's just something about the game that feels off to me, and for some reason I can kind of picture, once we get to PvP, this is going to turn into a huge AR fest because of how inconsistent the weapons are. But I guess that was by design. This game is going to heavily promote going for weapons on the map because the BR and the Commando outclasses the AR and the Pistol by a SIGNIFICANT margin. I will say I like the base movement strafing and moving mechanics though. Sorry for the wall, there was a lot to say. I think I might have mentioned everything I wanted to. Obviously I'm not going to address stuff like the game kicking you/crashing because those are already known issues. Edit: Now that I think about it have two more bulletpoints, something someone said just reminded me of the other two things I wanted to say: HUD - I am NOT a fan of the HUD. I'll be honest. It's not bad visually, so I'm putting yellow on this one, but I absolutely hate looking all the way at the bottom right of my screen to check my ammo and everything. It's feels extremely out of the way than what it used to be. Shield feedback - I have no idea why I didn't state this initially because this is by far my biggest complaint. I absolutely do not like the fact that there's is almost little to no shield feedback whatsoever outside of popping someone's shields (in which then it flashes red for a second). It's even hard to tell if someone has overshield if you didn't see him glow dark red when activating it. It would be REALLY nice to see flashing shields/armor in order to get SOME feedback as to the other person's shield levels similar to how it is in almost every Halo game. They could be full health or one shot and there's zero way you can tell at the moment. I would MUCH prefer shield feedback over gun hitmarkers.
  10. For beginner players, I'm a fan of this Academy Mode they're displaying. Anything to help people get into the game before walking into Social Slayer and getting decimated is helpful.
  11. Well, never mind then. 343 trying to appease me in real time.
  12. The audio isnt included in this gif but theres a pretty distinguishable noise when it hits as well. It's a pretty noticeable click/explosion type of noise.
  13. Just clipped this from the Xbox gameplay. Grenade hitmarkers are confirmed. Not trying to be negative but this is certainly the first negative for me
  14. Does this live gameplay footage look like Battlefield type gameplay to you guys or is it just me? Edit: In case people dont know what I'm talking about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oxs05bjCzkU
  15. That's dope that you guys got them too. Reamis was about to punch a hole through the MCC main menu haha
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