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  1. I'm new to the site so thanks again for answering all my questions. Any idea when the next H5 1v1 might be?
  2. What options do we have for receiving our tournament winnings?
  3. Thanks for the help! Is there a mailing list or location on the site where I can hear about upcoming tournaments? I always seem to figure out about them after it's too late.
  4. HCS is coming to Indy for Indy Popcon. I'm looking for players to compete. Add me.
  5. Let's run some games. GT: sampruett I've played since CE and know how the game is played at a pro level. I've only recently gotten back into the scene so I've been soloing but avg onyx 2000 w/ a 4 kda each season. I usually play around 800 games team arena per season but looking to play more, just desperate for dedicated players. I'll send you a request and msg on xbl.
  6. I've been playing since CE and know callout a and spawns. I just got back into the scene so I don't have a discord yet but we should run some games and feel it out. I can't get any further soloing arena but avg onyx 2000 with 4 kda each season. I'll send you a request and msg.
  7. avg about 1800-2000 onyx w/ kda about 3.5-4 each season. I'm desperate for some dedicated players and am also willing to give up sleep for a winning team. I think I've peaked at what I can do solo. GT: sampruett
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