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  1. @ - Sorry for the delay. 1 - The longest was by far the shooting. Organizing, convincing and executing all the various interviews and covering tournaments was a long process. 2 - Probably travel. But if I tallied my rent and food while I toiled away from June through September doing nothing but editing, it actually might be that to be honest. 3 - Smashers in general are a pretty hospitable bunch. I stayed with PC Chris, Ken and Chu Dat when I came to their respective houses. That helped some with cost. But yeah, no getting around the price of a plane ticket. 4 - Haha. Everyone wants to see that! Unfortunately, you'll just have to extrapolate how awesome he was from his other videos of complete dominating. BTW: Isai legit STYLES on fools in 64. Just one example:
  2. Hey guys, I was told to drop by and say hi. I'm the guy that made The Smash Brothers. I love the idea of a Halo documentary - another game I enjoy greatly. If you have any questions about anything, I'll be back later to field them.
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