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  1. GT KrpytoniK HCS MM NA EST (typically on evenings and late nights) Currently high diamond / low onyx in Team Arena, looking for equal skill level players to grind with!
  2. I figure with all the time spent lurking around here I should finally make an account. I have been playing Halo 5 since release and have recently made my new Xbox account in the last month or so. I play pretty consistently, and am currently High Diamond / Low Onyx in Team Arena, exclusively solo qued, which has obviously gotten quite old. Looking to find more like minded and equally skilled players to grind with, I am in EST and am typically on from evenings to late nights, though I am on more now due to college break. If any one wants to play, just add my GT KryptoniK HCS, I will be up for some games. Excited to be part of this community and the halo community more than ever!
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