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  1. And then we'd never have the greatness that is Ogre 2
  2. http://imgur.com/gallery/rNahC http://30vs60.com/ Pretty cool read on the differences between frames per second. I think most of us knew the difference, but it's cool to see some examples in video/gifs.
  3. No one really needs lessons. Play with people at an equal or higher competition level and you'll get better naturally (i.e. pros play with other pros).
  4. You can basically break any spawn trap with a decent team shot. Like if you spawn below a base on middy, wait for a teammate to spawn with you and collectively shoot p2 or p3 together.
  5. Cool, I was just curious because I figured UGC and MLG may be competing soon as far as halo goes, so it was weird seeing UGC streamed on MLGtv I guess MLG is getting into the business of streaming games/live shows now (I'm really really out of the loop as far as MLG goes)
  6. I wanna see a return of the Teams, Seeds, and Discussion Threads for these kinds of events a la Lastman! Can't wait to see some full teams announced
  7. That's awesome. I'd imagine it'll only get easier to have players stream as everyone goes over to the Xbox One with the streaming capabilities built in.
  8. Good vid. Just a curiosity question, what's the potential for twitch to have something like a built in spectator mode on their site? Something like each individual stream for each player rerouted to one twitch account where the screen being shown can be chosen. Not sure how difficult it'd be on the technical side (bandwidth and what not), but seeing how twitch is built into xbox one basically, it could be an easy way to have live streams similar to spectator mode. Idk, just an idea.
  9. I remember there used to be a way to nade rockets down from inside blue through the roof window; I used to aim for one of the stars but I just can't remember which one. I tried repeating it today but can't seem to find the obvious spot I used to aim for.
  10. Yep, the key to callouts is to make them short and obvious. Some of the one's in Reach didn't fall into that category, nor does the one in the picture RyanW posted. It's still a good idea, just needs better implementation like you said.
  11. I agree here. Telling people why they should like Halo is lame, everyone has their own reasons and consequently, their own questions.
  12. Woah, did they say no button combos in H2A? I didn't know that
  13. Infection on Foundation?! I'd be pumped to play that occasionally
  14. Seems like a lot more reminiscing than actual new info. It is pretty cool to hear some of the original thoughts for these though
  15. Played with this guy yesterday, his host was pretty awesome. Anyways, add me to the list for all of it! XBC: Ernay_Peezy Live: Ernay Kaioken
  16. Yup! Just try to maintain that level of excitement to play the game. I'm not going to lie, it's a steep learning curve and a lot of people are out ahead already cause they've played it a lot in the past, so it's going to be an uphill battle.
  17. H3 wasn't one hit beatdown unless you used a glitch (I didn't really remember it until youtube-ing it lol). I don't think the glitch was too helpful anyways cause beatdown lunges were so short and you're already moving a lot slower with ball/flag. H2 wasn't one hit beatdown unless you jumped in the air first and then beat the person down. I think this made for a lot of exciting plays cause you could really embarrass someone by executing it.
  18. I don't think I fully understand the flag/ball glitch you're referring to, but as far as beatdowns and juggling goes my ideal case would be: H3's juggling system (seemed like the flag weighed a ton compared to H2 so it took a little more skill to run it effectively). H2's flag/ball beatdown system, where if you jumped in the air and beat the person down it was one hit kill, otherwise it took the persons shields out. That adds an additional layer of skill and risk for the player to assess.
  19. ERIEEEE, wadupppppp GT: Ernay Kaioken
  20. Kyleeeeee, get that xbox one!!!! Also, jumping beatdowns ftw!
  21. Oh please, you just liked the video cause it has keyword: "Beyond" in the title It really does bring back good memories though, can't wait! Edit: Can't really remember off the top of my head, but was halo 2 the last game with proximity voice? It was a great feature
  22. Haha yea, I gotcha bud. I'm also looking forward to good clean connections because that was probably one of the few issues I had with Halo 2 back in the day. Side note: It'd be awesome if they brought the old emblems back! I guess that's just nitpicking at this point lol

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