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  1. He still is a high profile face of Steelseries gaming equipment and other marketing stuff, I know because I saw him in Best Buy on a poster not too long ago.


    Trust me, it does not look good for T2 to sponsors to have a montage(which anybody can watch) filled with curse words and shit, its just not necessary and I would re-think the music choice. Just think if the Str8 'tage had that song for example, 1 mill+ saw that and if Little Tommy was caught watching that by his parents he is likely banned from playing/watching Halo and possibly Xbox for good.


    And then we'd never have the greatness that is Ogre 2

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  2. We've already implemented our own system for handling this, which works similarly to how you describe.


    Players are able to stream to our servers directly. We then cast over the game-play from our studio and that will be streamed via our channel(s). This allows us to switch between any players that are streaming to us for pretty much any size event. Upon testing, the delay is minimal (roughly 1-3 seconds from the players).


    With this, the game-play quality will vary depending on what the players connection is like, but then from our side the casting quality remains the same no matter what the source is.


    That's awesome. I'd imagine it'll only get easier to have players stream as everyone goes over to the Xbox One with the streaming capabilities built in.

  3. Good vid.


    Just a curiosity question, what's the potential for twitch to have something like a built in spectator mode on their site? Something like each individual stream for each player rerouted to one twitch account where the screen being shown can be chosen. Not sure how difficult it'd be on the technical side (bandwidth and what not), but seeing how twitch is built into xbox one basically, it could be an easy way to have live streams similar to spectator mode.


    Idk, just an idea.

  4. possibly the only addition they added from shadowrun that worked in halo.


    I always liked the idea of it, but didn't like the names they picked from what I can remember. The names worked decently for shadowrun but not so well for Halo imo


    Yep, the key to callouts is to make them short and obvious. Some of the one's in Reach didn't fall into that category, nor does the one in the picture RyanW posted. It's still a good idea, just needs better implementation like you said.

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  5. FFA 4V4 daily. RPCommon is the XBC name. @CMDietzen on twitter.


    60 Down/15 Up. Hosting all the time.


    Also, it'd be nice to have a section on there about who has the Maps. I haven't been able to get a bunch of lobbies going where everyone has Sanc/Warlock as well.


    Played with this guy yesterday, his host was pretty awesome.


    Anyways, add me to the list for all of it!

    XBC: Ernay_Peezy

    Live: Ernay Kaioken

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  6. Yea that makes sense!  I am super excited however to see and play more of the "classic" style of halo since like I said most of my large experience was during Reach, and some during the end of 3.  Reach and 4 seemed to stray pretty far away from the original style so it should be exciting to play the older titles in a new way.


    Yup! Just try to maintain that level of excitement to play the game. I'm not going to lie, it's a steep learning curve and a lot of people are out ahead already cause they've played it a lot in the past, so it's going to be an uphill battle.

  7. It wasn't a one hit beat down in MLG settings? 




    H3 wasn't one hit beatdown unless you used a glitch (I didn't really remember it until youtube-ing it lol). I don't think the glitch was too helpful anyways cause beatdown lunges were so short and you're already moving a lot slower with ball/flag.


    H2 wasn't one hit beatdown unless you jumped in the air first and then beat the person down. I think this made for a lot of exciting plays cause you could really embarrass someone by executing it.

  8. I don't think I fully understand the flag/ball glitch you're referring to, but as far as beatdowns and juggling goes my ideal case would be:


    H3's juggling system (seemed like the flag weighed a ton compared to H2 so it took a little more skill to run it effectively).

    H2's flag/ball beatdown system, where if you jumped in the air and beat the person down it was one hit kill, otherwise it took the persons shields out. That adds an additional layer of skill and risk for the player to assess.

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  9. You can tell who is good and who's not based on how they perform when they don't pull host. I'm just saying, there are a lot of players that have a good reputation because they have host 95% of the time, but when they don't pull it, they're easy. There are only a few exceptions like Pistola out there, but most of them are bad.


    Haha yea, I gotcha bud. I'm also looking forward to good clean connections because that was probably one of the few issues I had with Halo 2 back in the day.


    Side note: It'd be awesome if they brought the old emblems back! I guess that's just nitpicking at this point lol


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