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  1. We want to thank everyone for being so supportive in our efforts to serve the community. Thanks to all the volunteers, fans, viewers, and team that made this event possible. UGC will always focus on creating an experience for live and online viewers. Without the Halo community this event wouldn't be possible! We hope to be more involved with Halo in the future.
  2. We would love your input on our $28,000 ($500 to FFA) prize pool break down. We want to maintain transparency as we try to serve the community, AMs, and Pros. Please comment in the forums and cast your vote on twitter!
  3. Hey guys! This is a video giving some context and history to UGC! Its been a progression but now we are at a level that consistent events will happen throughout 2017. Tho we are diversifying games, Halo is our roots!
  4. We wanted to share some background of UGC. Remember our roots are in Halo. In 2017 we will be diversifying our eSports range with other games. We hope to be a constant support for Halo from this point on. A lot is contingent on the community! Check out this video to see progression and back story to UGC Halo!
  5. Unfortunately that is currently not an option for us. We will do our best to have the production quality as top level as possible. We have several things planned to heighten the stream experience. Thanks!
  6. Hey everyone! We are hopeful the community supports our endeavor to produce and host Halo. The UGC comes from within the community. We have hosted local H3 lans in 2010 and our event last year with 94 sign ups. We know the community is crucial to the success of Halo eSports (as Halo eSports was built by the community). The community wanted a Mid-West event, we have provided. We have also provided the largest prize pool open event this year. -We are not HCS sanctioned -We are providing all financial investment into the community -We believe in the community -The event is Mid-West UGC is hopeful this event can prove "for the community, by the community" is a valuable asset to Halo eSports. This event isn't for the UGC or HCS, it is for the community. Pros and AMs should support this endeavor to ensure Halo eSports has many more years ahead of it. Hope to see you there! Grab your 4v4 & FFA pass, to support! https://www.ugcevents.com/store/event-passes
  7. We strive for top production. Our last event we offered listen-ins to spectators and had hopes to execute constant listen-ins and quad screen streams. We will be pushing for the same. We are also looking at custom stations and an experience you wont want to miss. This event is Mid-West and has the largest prize pool out of all the Halo Opens this year. We love the Halo community and are hopeful this event serves as a staple for the way Halo needs to be produced and hosted. Support from the community would be appreciated. Halo wouldn't be competitive if it weren't for the community and it needs the community.
  8. We truly believe this event can be for the community by the community. UGC will do its best to put on a great event and atmosphere! Thanks for posting and look forward to seeing you there!
  9. We are hosting in St. Louis. 28K prize pool. Hope to see you there!
  10. The FFA will run all weekend. Too 8 determined by a point system. Champ Bracket starts Sunday!
  11. We are not HCS but we are for the community. We also have plans that can help build community teams. We are hopeful the community will support the endeavor and prove we can host more events like this, HCS or not HCS sanctioned.
  12. We have confirmation that the HCS will not conflict with anyone interested in playing at UGC St. Louis. We hope our location serves the community well and provides an affordable alternative for competitive halo!
  13. Yes it is Legit. We will announce personalities and casters soon. We have some great partners hoping on board. We hope the Halo community will show up for this one. Mid-West, equivalent prize pool+ to any other opens, and the pros will be able to attend/play if they choose. Support the mission to build the community! Stay tuned to twitter and ugcevents.com
  14. Let's just say we can stream more than one station.
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