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  1. Well, do you think it can? Could it bring back a lot of old Halo players while also bringing in new players who never played Halo 3 before? Or do you think it will just have a big population for one week or so and then die off to its original state?
  2. Do you guys not understand the difference between concurrent players and unique players over the past 24 hours?
  3. Unrelated but dude you got some mean skills on the mic
  4. https://twitter.com/TeamBeyondnet/status/659557869444947968 This is some of the best trolling ever
  5. I don't think playing H2A confirms anything. Anyone can aim in that shit game
  6. Treytri, hunterjjx, and and bvrton were all once pros or semipro though so they might have been champion
  7. It's a breakout game. Ninja goosed neighbor on breakout too. Plus 3 of the 4 players ninja is playing in this game are known to me at least.
  8. You would pay for armor and not forge pallets?
  9. Why was your BR so bad in the video? They lower the aim assist even more?
  10. I don't think having a BR with increased precision will really have any impact on Warzone considering you can literally save your points and spawn with banshees. As long as you keep that shit out of traditional slayer gametypes, I am fine.
  11. Also, I wonder how Warzone will play online. Spartan Ops, Firefight, and Co-Op Campaign were all extremely laggy when playing online.
  12. So are we gonna be able to spawn with Rockets in game modes other than Warzone? If so, I am out
  13. Looks cool but I hope we will get to see some of the underwater map's gameplay
  14. Kampy got 20 minutes of montage footage in 3 weeks while I am just happy I got one extermination in Halo 5

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