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  1. they have done this before 2yrs ago lol nothing happened and there is no Pro team for H6.. so GG The players are just glorified yes men
  2. ^ It had to be done, what a difference a year makes. Well done @Clap
  3. thats it This was far worse and he got hired as a caster for yrs, lol. #Freet2 Ghandhi and Maven both worked for UGC is 2014.
  4. First post in 6months Now, this is the return of Halo that I've been waiting for Throwback-->
  5. Whelp, Another season of Pro League which i could care less. Cya guys in 3 months aka Oct 22nd for Champ. Sunday. GLHF
  6. https://twitter.com/optich3cz/status/888996163738886144 Papa Hecz loving gears (as they should from my personal experience)
  7. I may be talking to her next week at at GOW LAN. I'll be sure to bring this up, I'm interested with this tweet.
  8. If only CLG didn't Drop Ogre2, He probably won't be streaming to this day...He could have had $250K in the bank #TBT http://i.imgur.com/w5gJqa0.mp4
  9. https://twitter.com/TomRyanOGRE2/status/875158707654479872
  10. I remember when Josh was going to save us just like Quinn. We were so wrong Nice charts Moses.
  11. Well, Im off to go my 3rd GOW LAN by the Coalition here in Vancouver, lots of Devs will be there. I'll put in a good word in for Team Beyond
  12. I was actually looking forward to watching the Optic nV match. I remember last summer when I was more active on the forums I would complain about Stongside a caster with @@Infinity & I would get neg rep for it. One, I never have liked anybody from 343 casting halo, Ie. Bravo, SS, Ghost, they all should stick to interviews and analyst desks. Two, So many people gave so much shit to @@GoldenboyFTW about his casting but he has improved (his humor is still way to cringe) whereas SS has not in anyway. I watched Daytona and man it was brutal. Without T2 and Elam there, it was hard filling the gap. I heard Elamite is sick but my point still stands and at DreamHack --> , , T2 and Elamite should always been the main 4 casters at all Halo events going forward. EDIT: The meme below sums it up perfectly and @@FrankTheShow clip too.
  13. Exactly, The beta was fine and they changed it. I traded in H5 March of 2016 and its still not fixed. The only reason I'm somewhat interested in HCS is the fact that Im friends with some of the players and casters. Hell, I have more time played in H4 than I do in H5.
  14. Naded is the only player to place 2nd in Halo2 *SV, 2006 Halo3 Carbon 2009 * , Halo Reach Str8* MLG Cbus 2011 , Halo4 (AGL8) , H2A (Pax Prime) Halo5 (HW worlds 2016)
  15. Another one Saw this on my timeline. Can somebody make a list of everyone who has left 343 in the last 12+months? There has to be around 8-12ppl
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