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  1. https://twitter.com/TheStelluR/status/796937202873864192 HA!
  2. looking forward to seeing @Ske7ch I could see him posting here before Bravo does and I hope he does. It would be a good first impression. Joe and Fries and Legion were killing it casting today.
  3. Haha I was waiting for @ post. come on guys, he reads the forums everyday. 17K+ viewers is massive. More than H2A LAN events last year.
  4. https://clips.twitch.tv/halo/AliveEmuTooSpicy T2 calling out the ghost melee.
  5. Ola Snipe -->https://clips.twitch.tv/halo/StupidDunlinPeteZaroll Huke Stick--> https://clips.twitch.tv/halo/EagerHorseTF2John
  6. https://clips.twitch.tv/halo/CharmingOpossumHotPokket ^ Vic X interview clip This is a team that I will root for to make top 3/4 slots. Those players have been all dropped and has been used as a scapegoat throughout the year.
  7. + Ola and Lxthul teaming for the 1st time + the young God of Huke. O My.
  8. Ninja has Spoken I won't be surprised once Ninja returns back to his apartment/house. AC Royale will donate him to spite the halo community for all the Hate Ninja is getting. Based on his previous donations message, AC likes to Troll the chat with them.
  9. You and the rest of the Beyond Team has been carrying the Halo community for the last 3 years. If there was no Team Beyond, there would be no Halo Community. Facts.
  10. Since we are talking about T2. How about this gem. ^ looks like I was right Love ya Tom <3
  11. Thats incredible. Just one thing, the MCC event in 2014 had 43K peak viewership You can also had Pax Prime MCC here>
  12. On the request on CyReN Alright, here are the AGL Lan events back in 2013 for viewership when I use to tweet them out. I would never have thought I would have to post these again in 2016 but the lack of viewership for he first ever Halo 5 LAN event is depressing to say the least after a 2.5M event 7 months ago with 100K peak viewership. Here we go (a lot of tweets below)
  13. Both are true. Enable played a lot of H5 Pre-COD last year. Look at Huke, from Worst on the team to one of the best in game outside of Optic in under a year.
  14. You are a MadMan and you take stats and viewership to a whole new level. Jay F, Che, BS Angel, Kevin F and esaysthis have all left 343 this year that I know of. Wild.
  15. WoW. So Maniac was the problem thing? Its 8pm Here. Now what?
  16. Ace just said in @@LethuL chat that tonight was his first Pro league win since June. What a wild night of matches. Happy to see that the nV/ EG was as good as I thought it was going to be. Looking forward to the this rematch again and EG vs nV and EG vs Optic.
  17. Highest viewership ever for Pro League and rivals H2A LAN events last year.
  18. https://clips.twitch.tv/snakebite/HelpfulQueleaOptimizePrime I clipped this last week or so when snakebite was searching FFA for his placement matches and H5 told him that there was not enough players for the playlist. So theres that. Great post by @@SnakeBite.

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