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  1. Another one Saw this on my timeline. Can somebody make a list of everyone who has left 343 in the last 12+months? There has to be around 8-12ppl
  2. What a perfect gif for this. The Perfect line-up would be T2, Elamite, Simms and Walshy as the 4 main casters. I never liked Strongside and Ghost as casters (Bravo too) bec. they are 343 and it just rubs me the wrong way bec. they are also hyping up thew "new" armour abilities.. ugh They can stay on the desk w/ GoldenBoy.
  3. 11k Viewers for Finals on the best H5 setting to date? I was expecting 15-20K at not even 3pm on the west Coast.
  4. Holy Fucking Shit, Dare I say it? I would never have thought I would say this again but #HaloisDaD I miss T2 and Elam casting.... Side is the worst.
  5. I was just going to say that. Fri-Sat are the lowest viewed event in Halo since the AGL days...4 years ago. Optic/ nV Finals should probably hit between 15-20K in the finals. tomorrow .maybe.
  6. Its pretty evident after Worlds, that we will never seen anyone from 343 ever post on these forums ever again besides the "Pro Team". It wont happen.
  7. IF EG didn't have a spot in pro League. RoyBox would have quit by now.
  8. https://www.pscp.tv/HaloBreakdown/1jMJgolWDbPJL? Link to EG vs LG
  9. Both Casters are 343 employees saying good things about Halo5.. come on man. How is Strongside still a caster, he has not improved at all since Pro League last Summer.Yes, we know he is a nice guy I've meet him in real life several times throughout the years. I'm okay with one but two? really?
  10. Just read the last 20-30 pages. I love this forum. Never Change.
  11. that was incredible, so well done. Anybody worried about the lack of teams showing up for an East Coast event?
  12. Yeah Legolas and I were the same age. I remember talking about Grading high school in 06 and what are plans were going to be Post-Secondary. When, Halo3 came out, we lost touch. I was also friends with Reid18 and helped Stage his montage clips with 1month XBL cards too.
  13. I was friends with my in Halo2, so 2004 would make sense and those numbers were his date of birth if I remember. Lots of ppl have that back in the day. @@Neighbor Played Halo3 on 10 sen. in 1v1 Guardian as well. So who are the AM teams going to this event? ^ thats really funny
  14. another one. Day1. I still can't believe they changed the aiming from the beta. I have not touched H5 since March of 2016 because of it.
  15. I logged into my account to post this. Well said. This thread is one hell of a ride, sad that 343 never acknowledges these forums anymore. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C-evsilUQAAXyM1.jpg:large ^ if someone could edit this link to show. 343 knew about the broken aiming system is Day1. Literally Day 1.
  16. Remember this post --> http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/5443-halo-5-guardians-discussion/page-2816#entry594542
  17. Not sure if this has been posted yet but https://youtu.be/KT7lHN8F6uA?t=6m44s Hecz teasing Maniac once again but Optic halo and that he has been waiting 2 yrs to get a Trophy.
  18. Don't forget about all of these gems With Quinn. Pre-Halo5 ^ click the tweet and expand to finish the tweet exchange. That tweet from TB was perfect.

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