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  1. they have done this before 2yrs ago lol nothing happened and there is no Pro team for H6.. so GG The players are just glorified yes men
  2. ^ It had to be done, what a difference a year makes. Well done @Clap
  3. thats it This was far worse and he got hired as a caster for yrs, lol. #Freet2 Ghandhi and Maven both worked for UGC is 2014.
  4. First post in 6months Now, this is the return of Halo that I've been waiting for Throwback-->
  5. Whelp, Another season of Pro League which i could care less. Cya guys in 3 months aka Oct 22nd for Champ. Sunday. GLHF
  6. https://twitter.com/optich3cz/status/888996163738886144 Papa Hecz loving gears (as they should from my personal experience)
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