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  1. This has been on my mind for over a year and i feel like now is a good time to bring it up.
  2. There's no doubt that the Ogre's are the undisputed greatest duo in Halo esports. However no one can convince me that RoyBox is a better duo than Snakebite/Royal 2. Snakebite/Royal 2 won two world championships compared to RoyBox's one national championship and the former's average event placings are way higher than the latter.
  3. I'm honestly glad that Snipedown didn't win. Hearing him talk some nonsense on HCS weekly two weeks ago kinda irked me.
  4. I think one last Halo 5 World Championship would've been a proper sendoff but at least the game is finally coming to a competitive end. If HCS events in 2019 & 2020 are just going to be one off MCC events without a season structure then I'd prefer not to watch until Halo Infinite.
  5. I never said that Lethul is better than- Mikwen, Saiyan, and Snipedown. I am however saying that any current TOP 5 H5 players list should not contain any players outside of Tox and Splyce.
  6. Pfft please. Any player outside of Tox and Splyce should not even be mentioned as top 5 in the game right now.
  7. I don't even know how the gears event is pulling in 24k viewers on twitch for a losers finals match. The game isn't boring by any means but I think H5 is much more of an appealing esport to watch.
  8. I wouldn't get my hope's up. I think H5 is going to run for the duration of 2019 but the classic halo games are going to be featured throughout the year at the events in the forms of- 2v2s and FFAs.
  9. THIS. I feel like the individual fanbases have been heavily lost due to a lack of streaming/content from the pro's- Lethul, Snipedown, Ace, Spartan, etc. Pro players who regularly streamed during 2015, 2016, and the early part of 2017 brought in a decent amount of fans during event live streams. The 2016 Summer and Fall online pro league season(s) viewership numbers are a perfect example of this and I'm pretty sure Moses would have those stats posted somewhere.
  10. I think you'd be the perfect person to make an analysis video on Splyce
  11. Haha my man is just looking for an excuse to travel to London. I mean the last time he was in London, well.....
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