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  1. From what I've seen OpTic are great guys and all, but they are like the Ninja of the CoD community. A good chunk of the community just likes to watch them lose because there would be more of a butthurt backlash I guess.
  2. Bezo retweeted me when I said Ghosts is broken and I am getting swarmed with butthurt what do I do?
  3. Or that too. Or it could be both. Who knows.
  4. I agree they did practice hard and often, but cmon. CoD is for most intents and purposes the same from a gameplay perspective every year since MW2. They beat teams who have been playing this game for many years. CoD teams didn't even place in championship bracket for Halo 4 and the ones that participated grinded super hard for it and Halo 4 is broken as hell. If you don't think Ghosts is pretty broken I have literally nothing else to say and nothing I say will convince you.
  5. Which only means Ghosts is even more broken than even Halo 4. Never thought I would say that about another game.
  6. Primals run proves how broken and bad Ghosts is. However, they are representing the Halo community well so I hope they win so mass butthurt ensues.
  7. I don't know about you guys but I am certainly not gunna stop bantering about it. Being a dick and making fun of AGL and Brad is too much fun.
  8. The spread, although once you learn how to lead shots the registration isn't all that bad as people say, but definitely getting rid of the spread would've helped halo 3 alot.
  9. I play halo 4 for like 4 games yesterday because someone was streaming and wanted me to play, and going from halo 3 to halo 4 the BR sounds like that instrument you slide a stick on. I think a washboard makes that sound when you slide a stick across it. Then going back to halo 3 after playing halo 4 the bullets sound like air rofl. The difference between the two are so much different than people think.
  10. In my personal opinion, Halo wishlists are extremely stupid at this point and have just become an excuse to put out content. We have been making Halo wishlists since the summer of 2011 and yet the devs do not listen. 343 knows what we want already, it is up to them to actually listen and put it into the game.
  11. i know i hit the mini ramp on the sweet spot and it launched me back pretty far then i caught him not paying attention XD
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