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  1. All this talk about H3 has made me go back and watch old MLG recaps from 08 onwards on ZeroSilences youtube channel. So many memories. Theres just something about the game. I honestly hope that MCC rekindles the interest in the franchise and 343 go in a gameplay style more similar to the original trilogy. Obviously make it more modern but keep it simple stupid.
  2. Jesus. That team as a prospect just makes me shudder with excitement with what you guys couldve done back then.
  3. Im probably missing a reference here but why you gotta call me out like that? No matter how perfect a ranking system is, quitters gunna quit. Unless people care enough about a strict penalty for quitting mid game, i really dont think they give a crap about ruining your game.
  4. Imma hijack this because Australias internet infrastructure sucks dong. Pay 85 a month for uncapped but only 25 down and 5 up which is on offpeak hours and ill be lucky to get that. Telstra (has practically the monopoly down here) will charge almost 130 a month for the same deal. Id assume Shekkles doesnt live in a small village 5 hours away from any major city though.
  5. I think this is important. Lets say H6 is a 2019 release for sure and the MCC patch is to pacify "another year of ht", then why not just blow up the settings? Im currently studying graphic design and while its not game design, there is obviously flowover concepts that are universally shared and one of them is take pride in your work and always do your best, but never get emotionally attached. And it seems like 343 are emotionally attached to their concept because of how stubborn they are to even alter it. I love this franchise, i like the game at a fundamental level, but all these market based quirks in the game havent exactly given the reaction theyd expect. Sure youve got your Warzone peeps sinking money in Recs and thats cool, but base Halo 5 is not a game that my casual friends want to play and even at the casual level, sweats so hard even i cant stand it for long. But why is it we can play the older Halos and enjoy it for hours on end?
  6. Tbh, I dont want Snakebite and co to get an org for worlds. If theyre up for it, make their own brand. Its the storyline that interests me. They were clear cut favourites to win for 2 years straight, and they did. Then along comes a team who is not only full of young, extremely talented players, but those players prove they can beat you when it matters most. Then you cant come to an agreement with one of the biggest and most known organisations in esports and split and are probably no longer almost unanimously agreed upon favourites to win again. Do your own thing. Grind. Win again. Immortalise your dynasty that started with CLG and Optic and seal it as whatever you come up with. Maybe im romanticizing it a bit but id love that kind of storyline.
  7. So I live in rural New South Wales and the town im in has beware of kangaroo roadsigns like every 10 metres on the road. Just last month we had a mob of those buggers (40 plus) just chilling on the golf course. Skippy got no chill man. **I misquoted.
  8. For me CE and 2 are on a tier of their own. 3, Reach and 5 are on the same level for me because they werent as great as the original 2 but id play them any day over the shitshow that was 4. Horrible netcode and brs and advanced movement all trump the "innovative" ordnance system for me.
  9. I think this will be a big factor. I dont expect crazy numbers to be pulled in because of MLG but im hoping for consistency and having a stream not plagued with production issues or massive downtime will be enough to start building up a solid foundation to move forward on.
  10. I havent touched Halo 5s mp in years. Just isnt my game. But my brother started playing MCC again and I decided hey, may as well join you. Im getting stomped. I suck. But my god is it fun. So much fun. Sounds and plays like it should. Call it nostalgia but theres an appeal to those games that 4 and 5 just never gave me. My only gripe? It does feel dated. My biggest issue with people saying want classic, go play MCC is that those games are limited by their tech and engines from eons ago by todays standard. Thats my 2 cents on that. As for MLG coming back, Im stoked. We cant make the settings better but at least we can have a reliable and very good spectator experience. Thats pretty big for me. Losing so many orgs is a shame, and Im sad to see them go. As for moving forward with the next title, the only advanced movement I enjoy are horizontal ones. Whether this be a little thrust or dash or increased strafe speeds, leave the verticality of the game to skill jumps and superior map control. Please.
  11. I agree that the ranked playlists should be fewer, but they should cater to as wide as an audience as possible. HCS is a mainstay, your most hyper competitive settings should have their own ranked hopper as this game has shown that you can try and make the game as close to out of the box ready for eSports, but Halo just needs a bit of tweaking to keep the competitive integrity there. 2v2 and FFA are musts, because in my opinion the skill level and set for these are varied enough and high enough to warrant a ranking. Arena needs to stay in my opinion, because at the end of the day, not everyone has the same preferences and ideals as us when it comes to competitive Halo. I feel like a ranked playlist that mirrors out of the box settings wont cause as much as a divide as to worry. I dont know how yo explain, i just feel like there should be a ranked playlist that has objective and slayer modes but is still competitive, just not as full on as HCS would be. I like variety, i just also prefer to have a strict core of ranked playlists. Could always bring back double exp weekends to rotate social playlists though. Who knows.
  12. I feel like in the weeks following the X Pro League Finals, there should be an Open Event with a nice payout to determine top 8 for the next season. When did last season finish and whats happened since then? Especially now where weve seen pro teams disband and top tier ams show they can compete and place higher than some. Im glad to see Ola come off with anothet win though. Theres no need for an asterisk, Snakebite was sick, he played through so he earns a ton of respect for that. But NV won this. Optics still most likely going to be the undisputed best team of H5 though, and im sure Atlanta will show that.
  13. I havent seen any EG scrims of late, only what you guys have mentioned, but how big are their chances of taking a series off any of the other pro teams?
  14. This is probably not the greatest comparison but all this talk of old vs new has me really annoyed at the direction of the game/franchise. I dont know how many of you played Banjo Kazooie/Tooie back in the day but holy damn was that my jam back in my youth. I loved those games, the art style, the worlds, gameplay, all that. Out comes Nuts and Bolts and all i could do was shelf one of my most beloved game series because it just completely butchered my expectations of the series. Ala Halo Ce-3 then playing Reach onwards. Now Yooka Laylee came out not too long ago and ive fallen back in love with the series. It looks and feels like Banjo game without feeling like a reskinned version of an earlier title. The gameplay and what not is so nostalgic that ive had more fun playing that game than i did playing my very limited Halo 5 mm. Whats my point? Respect your oldest and most loyal fanbase. Giving us weapons we remember in terms of older games in the forms of reqs and polluting and congesting the weapon pool isnt respect. I dont want a Halo 3 or 2 or CE clone. Im just saying it is perfectly possible to create something good from something old without going absolutely nuts on overhauling the game design and mechanics. I would also like to add that i do respect those who prefer this new style, but its just not my thing.
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