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  1. No I didn't. Snowbound and Boundless are 2 different maps and Epitah and Epilogue are also 2 different maps. I guess you didn't play enough Halo 3 to know this.
  2. Yea man, such a mess that's it's the most popular Halo game of all time.
  3. I would bring back Snowbound and Epitah and remove Boundless and Epilogue, awful decision to remove the shield doors. I also would change it to hitscan as it's the only way to ensure consistency when dealing with an online game.
  4. Absolutely not on Strongholds. I avoid any playlist that has that awful and boring game type.
  5. nice memedankWhere is the data to show that BR starts don't work in Halo 5? Also, a certain other Halo game gave everyone a powerful BR to start with, and its revered as the game that put Xbox Live on the map.
  6. To say that Halo 5 would be a much better game if it had BR starts is an understatement.
  7. . nice meme nice memedank teamReach didn't have any good non-forge maps to EVER, under ANY circumstances be better than Halo 3. I can name at least 15 maps in Halo 3 that are better than anything Reach had to offer at any point.
  8. . nice memeniThat's fine, it's what makes the Halo comminunity great, different strokes for different folks!
  9. . nice meme nice memedank teamI loved Orbital, especially for multi-flag and neutral bomb. Enjoyed some epic defensive battles.
  10. . nice mAwesome big team map. I once flipped the Elephant over during a matchmaking game and made the Bungie favorites and got Recon for it, 'twas epic.
  11. nice meme nice memedank team naSnowbound was one of the best maps on Halo 3(especially 4v4s). Epitaph(not Epilogue) was great for doubles, especially before they took away all the great hiding spots. I miss those OG Halo 3 days.
  12. Favorite: Throwdown Least Favorite: Grifball(Halo 3's version is superior in every single category).
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