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  1. As a lifelong Chiefs fan... you're welcome. But in all seriousness I still can't believe we won that game. I'm convinced we kidnapped Brady before the game and put him in Alex Smith's jersey because Smith has NEVER thrown the ball like that.
  2. If I'm Str8, I'm doing everything in my power to trade Danoxide to Ronin for Spartan. They just look so off with Dan and Spartan will allow Str8 to go back to playing similar to how they did with Renegade. I doubt it will happen but maybe the fact that his teammate(s) just raged quit last night will motivate Spartan to leave and Ronin would be willing to pick up a player that was on their World's team.
  3. That was the first NCAA tournament I ever watched, and I'm a KU fan. The feels.....
  4. Ah. Fair enough. But I don't have Str8 getting top 4 either tho lol
  5. As an EG fan, I was hoping for something a little more concrete....
  6. May I ask on what basis do you put the team that has scrimmed the least top 4?
  7. Wasn't arguing whether or not Ninja was clutch, just that he has in fact made clutch shots.
  8. What about this? https://clips.twitch.tv/BeautifulNaiveKleeTwitchRaid
  9. This makes no sense to me. You can't honestly believe that Huke will be effected by the removal of AR's to the extent you're suggesting because of a game he hasn't played competitively in 1.5-2 years? If you want to say he'll have a bad event, you're entitled to, but please don't say it will be because of CoD when he placed 4th at World's 2016 not too long after leaving CoD, and 2nd at World's 2017 with by far less autos in competitive play. Now, everyone knows that Penguin's (I will never say SubZero (sorry not sorry)) auto usage really helped him get to be the player that he is, IN HALO, yet you don't list that as a detriment to his game? Consistency in your argument is all that I ask if you're going to say that the removal of autos will effect one player more than another. Edit: Not in anyway suggesting Penquin will have a bad event.
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