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  1. ​Played since CE however I didn't get xbox live until the beginning of halo 3.I absolutely loved H3 as the community was absolutely amazing. I enjoyed it so much I actually went to MLG Dallas 2010 to spectate and play in the FFA. When reach dropped, I played the game but it just didn't feel like Halo. Tried as I did to make myself like the game, I couldn’t. After a few months, I quit playing entirely and not long after that, I quit keeping up with competitive halo as well. I’m not even going to get started on H4 but when H5 came out, I decided to come back and give it another shot. I got the game on launch night but I haven’t really enjoyed played it again until after this most recent update. I’ve kept up with the HCS Pro League throughout the course of Halo 5 and I’ve been lurking on these forums since right after Worlds last spring. I really want to start playing again and finding some new people to play with as most of the people I used to run with don’t play anymore. I was pretty good at H3 and at Reach as well even though I hated. Not saying I’m the best or anything, only that I understand the game and how to play it. I’m up for matchmaking, customs, pretty much whatever. Just looking for people to compete with. GT: Wrestler

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