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  1. Sweet! Thank you for checking it out! Any feedback you have is much appreciated!
  2. Hey All! I used to forge all the time back in the Halo 3 days but unfortunately lost interest in the previous Halo games. Well, I am glad to say I am back! This is my first map on H5 and it is a custom version of Octagon. Feast your eyes on 9 beautifully colored levels, painstakingly created over many months by someone who had no idea how to forge anymore. I have always loved Octagon games but wanted to take it to the next level... Literally. This will test your close range, your long range, and your close range yet again. Every 60 seconds the floor drops out, causing you to fall to the next platform. Be sure to hit some falling no scopes for me... or on me! As you make your way to the 5th level, you will find the map at its peak in size. If you are near the walls when the floors drops, be prepared as you will be greeted with a helpful boost! Battle it out for a brief moment as you are tossed into the middle. If you have any questions, please let me know! If you would like to play some time, add me on Xbox, GT: Crooked TV.
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