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  1. I honest felt that from a purely stream watching experience, of the recent Halo 5 events, the EU event was by far the best. I couldn't give much of a shit about EU Halo, but the casters made it so entertaining. All of them were hyped, obviously the venue was the best possible for England, and the videos they made for breaks were so funny. I got up at like 5am the whole weekend and watched all of it. That event was produced at so much higher a level than EU Halo is at currently. @@TheSimms
  2. I second this completely. I usually play the campaign, but don't give a shit about beating it, or the story. Multi-player was always the reason I played, and really is the only the part of the game that kept me coming back. Yet, in any review, ad, or documentary (including from 343) only focuses on the campaign and all the production that goes into it. Let's pretend 343's staff actually reflects what people give a shit about. That means 80% of it should be suporting and developing the multiplayer experience. Nah imagine. Also, if it wasn't for pro Halo, I would have stopped paying attention to the game 3 weeks after it came out.
  3. As far as the smaller player base in regards to Halo, I feel that movement mechanics are a lot to blame. 343 seems to cling to them and thinks, "Oh if we have all these cool looking mechanics in the game, people will have more fun playing." That's exactly why I've stopped playing. Because I can't commit a lot of time to the game, when I did get on, it felt like I got owned and was slow to move around the map because I was so far behind with the different mechanics. Halo 2 and 3 were so much fun to me because it felt like I could just pick up a controller and play. Does anyone else feel this way?
  4. I think overall, the biggest problem is that the game is stale. It looks like they are addressing settings somewhat, but as far as esports goes, I would love to see new gametypes/maps. Personally I've watched pros play forge maps and gametypes with subs and I'm always blown away by the creativity. If they can make fun maps for casual players, I think they should be given a shot at making something competitive and having it put into arena to be tested. There could be contests which could reward forgers for their efforts. I think everyone has already been ready for a new game to be released for a while. Given the opportunity, the community could do a ton to rejuvenate this game.
  5. Could you get some content about the teams preparing for the event? The only reason I usually tune in is because I love the casters you guys have. I really know next to nothing about the players/scene in EU. Would really like to get some more hype outside of NA leading into worlds.
  6. My friend and I used to be huge into watching pro Halo in the H3 days. Since then he has spent most of his time playing LoL. I never played or watched, but was at his house for the big tournament they had a couple months ago. As I was watching, I kept asking questions trying to get a grasp on the game. All the while, I kept checking twitch and youtube to see that the tournament had so many of the top channels on both. After watching like 3 matches I felt like I had a decent understanding of the major happenings. Yet, I still knew there were all kinds of details that I was missing. It just seemed there was too much going on to digest most of it. We switch over to the HCS Pro League and it has 8k viewers. Nowhere near LoL. I started to ask myself how a game so complicated could have such a massive following. It feels backwards, purely from the spectator experience. Even if you don't know Halo as a game, I feel like when a play happens it is much easier to make heads and tails of it. Even if you don't understand the meta, you can pretty easily tell when a team/player makes a good play. When we were watching LoL one of the teams had won a couple battles in a row, and I was under the assumption the winner of those battles was set up to win. However my friend explained that although the other team lost some major battles, based on the characters, they would likely win because they were built for a late game push. How can you keep up with all of the characters, the large map, gold, armies, and all of the other elements of a League game? I think that the average LoL fan can't (not taking shots at them), but it just goes to show that the complexity of the game doesn't necessarily deter viewers. I'll end this by coming back to Halo. After Halo 3 it was tough to keep watching tournaments. I watched some Reach, but didn't watch anything until I saw something X games on Espn. I thought wow that's cool for Halo, I'll check it out. But, what really got me back into halo was watching a video that Towey made. I can't remember which one, bit I was blown away. It made me feel attached to the game again. I became addicted to his stream and became a huge fan of EG. I really believe it was the content that brought me back. Once I felt personally attached, I couldn't get enough. Hopefully this potential TV show can do the same for others. Optic has nailed this with all of their conent, and I have to give Towey some props as well.
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