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  1. Its just a picture of squidward. Relax My opinion is you have dropped the ball by not using your infrastructure to run no sprint/no ability events. I am allowed to have an opinion.
  2. Wait There was no change? With the way people were talking I thought they had added tons of additional magnetism to it or something.
  3. "Holy shit why is the pc version of destiny 2 so fast? On console your character is so slow! Wtf bungie?!?" PC just has a wider FOV -______-
  4. They could literally swap the settings within the playlists and casuals wouldnt migrate over to HCS.
  5. What is this based on? You must have some sort of article, panel, quote, etc to state this with such certainty.
  6. And tons of people are moving on to f2p indie games to avoid it. It will be interesting to see how this all turns out.
  7. I have a position that is based on my definition/opinion. Thats generally how that works. You sounds like you're mostly agreeing with me anyways.
  8. Would you want to work somewhere where nobody listens to you.
  9. Casual vs hardcore is definitely based on emotional investment and viewpoint imo. I only get to play a few hours a week due to adulting. I still consider myself a fairly hardcore gamer. When I get free time I view gaming as a fairly high priority. I generally care about winning and being half decent at games and I like challenging, deep games. I spend time on forums and reading gaming news as well. I kmow plenty of people who play a lot but are casuals because they don't care about anything besides goofing around. You're going to tell me some gold 2 who doesnt give a shit about winning or doing well is a hardcore halo player if he plays often?
  10. Same thing I said to audely. I wouldnt classify those players as casuals.
  11. Do you have some sort of study to back this up? Its very counterintuitive. Logically you would assume someone who isnt very invested in a game wouldnt spend much additional money on said game. I would argue that someone who cares about keeping up with competitive players isnt a casual player. Theyre a hardcore player that just doesnt get to play as much as they want to. People like that probably do spend a lot on microtranactions. A lot of people here probably fall in to that category.
  12. What would possess you to think a casual halo player will be buying LG skins lol?
  13. Prey was announced at e3 2016 and launched may 2017. Nearly a full year. Which is roughly double the length of time compared to games like fallout 4 and destiny 2.
  14. Ya, I agree. I personally like this new wave of short marketing cycles because it means we have to endure a much smaller amount of games that get announced super early on and then get cancelled. If a game is announced 6 months before its release date you can be confident that the game is actually going to come out.
  15. I dont think any of those games sold less than what was to be reasonably expected. Prey had a long marketing cycle and it sold the worst out of all of them. It was first announced well over a year in advance. I remember being hyped for that game but then it took so long to come out that I was over it. Destiny 2 is another great example of a short, intense marketing cycle that paid off in a huge way.
  16. How do you figure? They've done very well with thier smaller niche games as well. COD also works on a similiar marketing schedule.
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