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  1. They're going up on my youtube this week. www.youtube.com/user/jeeenyus thanks to everyone that made it possible and who helped make me not go insane from the amount of work it took. I think I played a total of like 12 games all week but I had fun making content others enjoyed. It'll be even better next time, I promise. Also sorry I did a terrible job keeping everyone on here updated but Teapot did a ton to get words out and help me when he could. Plus he got me like two or three chocolate shakes from Kooky Coconut so that's 800 cool points earned.
  2. Pretty solid idea. Seems like something you'd see work well in PC and I don't see why it wouldn't hurt trying it for console like halo.
  3. I would post the unedited photo but don't know how this forum would handle seeing bonesaw's shlong
  4. So I went to this year's Beach Lan in Tampa which was the 4th of its kind. Some very good players attended including Patch, Legend, Doughboy and McDick among many many others. I figured I'd make a thread for you all to be aware of all the gameplays I'll be making or have made from the LAN itself. They all will be available in a playlist I've built for all BL4 games I do. Enjoy and feel free to post your favorite moments from the games you watch. It'll help me in finding the best plays for the montage that will come out from the lan later.
  5. Jeenyus

    OT Thread of OT

    By the way if you guys are interested I'm working on gameplays from the gigantic Halo 1 lan "Beach LAN" from last month. It's the big annual H1 get together in Tampa that I went to and I'll be dropping tons of games later today on my youtube.
  6. Jeenyus

    OT Thread of OT

    I lurk from time to time. Maybe I'll make a community comeback. I'm working at MLG New Orleans which will be fun. Haven't worked an event since I think the first (and only?) Halo 4 event. Hi stinky.
  7. Jeenyus

    OT Thread of OT

    Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.
  8. Yeah we might just be going back to twitch because the thing we were trying another site for ended up being a non factor really :/
  9. Well if you know who I am you (probably) know that I lan Halo 1 a lot with people around the midwest. We're streaming all weekend long at www.hitbox.tv/xzefy so you can tune in, watch some good players and good games. We're using hitbox instead of twitch to test and see if it's better/easier at getting stream rips for gameplays than twitch is so yeah. Other POV's are going up this weekend and later on at www.youtube.com/user/jeeenyus - some with all four POVs in the game. We usually play from about early afternoon until literally the asscrack of morning. Yesterday we didn't stop til around 7am EST. Check us out, spread the work and all that other fun stuff. twitter.com/jeeenyusaurus will be tweeting when gameplays go up on YT. Attendees off the top of my head: C2, YourDog, Shade, Nistic, Zephyrus, Finny, Fight, Max, ScrubTwista, Chips, Standrew, Klank, Dooi, Berger, Spud, myself and maybe others that I'm forgetting. We're trying to keep the best games on stream the whole time, aka "Who can de-thrown Shade/Nistic"
  10. I got super deep in it for the original xbox version (split screen) but then once MCC got announced I decided to drop that idea and focus on MCC with the same video. I have a lot of things compiled including scripting for the entire thing. I just have to find a day with a spare 4 hours when I have nothing else to do. The problem is that I want to drop them all at once or at least very close to each other rather than making one, taking a break, making another, taking a break etc. But short answer, yes I'm doing it, yes I'm far along. I want to do it to assist other players in getting better so that the competition you find on MCC is the best it can be. And thanks
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