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  1. Dynamic spawns could work if they still have the little 30 sec reminder I feel like. So it's making sure there's not too many power weapons in play(which feels weird to me). But also there's not a huge information difference so not too snowbally. I don't like how the weapon indicator stays around though. I'd like it to disappear a second before the timer ends so you don't necessarily know when the weapon gets picked up. But we could also just do static lol
  2. Yeah, H5 was my first Halo(the first multiplayer FPS I ever played more than 5 hours of honestly) , and my days were mostly getting shit on in ranked. I was a mid silver for like 6 months lol. I'm like a plat now and that's my ceiling p much. And I know the ranks have shrunk so it's not quite the same anymore but I'm still kinda proud of the improvement
  3. Honestly people hype up the lethul snipedown rivalry, but for me the weekly pro league had some great stuff too. Str8 having that dream season to escape relegation when Heinz put them on his back. The cratos stellur drama. All the VicX stuff. All the stuff around EG. Lotta great organic storylines. I think the weekly format with pretty fixed teams just naturally lends itself better to stuff like that compared to tourneys with big gaps between them where everyone shuffles around apart from like top 2.
  4. Vetoed got an inviite to a press viewing and Q&A of the campaign stuff in Halo Infinite. So he did a video about all his thoughts Edit: (I think Shekkles is better shhh, don't tell Vetoed)
  5. I mean, idk this is on the frontpage too and it references the post you posted. I know we like to shit on r/halo but a lot of people there are complaining too. Which does not bode well
  6. Why are you apologizing? Didn't realize you worked for 343
  7. Tweet says Halo Infinite, but this is their team for H2 as well Edit: This is the UNLLIMITED roster with Renegade subbed in for Trippey, so they should keep their seed.
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