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  1. Sliding looks p crazy, especially when combined with a ramp
  2. I have, I like it. I wish the changes they made had been made a year in instead of three but that's 343 for you
  3. Yeah I get what you mean. And I think I favor delayed spawns as well, especially for stuff like rockets and OS where rushing is a valid strat since if you can grab it you can do some sick stuff immediately. Regret Slayer is a game type that really highlights how much H5 style power ups promote bad play.
  4. I thought this was a weird thing for Snakebite to say, especially since he tweeted this a little while back and I've def heard all the pro teams discuss what they're doing off spawn before a game starts I think what he might have meant is that they don't practice specific openings or anything and more construct them on the fly, which makes sense since the one thing you don't want to be in a pro game is predictable. So it's more about intuition and reacting well in the moment.
  5. Sounds a lot like they're aiming for when they tested H5 with BR and gunfighter starts. The gunfighter is a 6sk but shoots crazy quick and is also a fast switch but has little aim assist so it's tough
  6. Yeah the plasma pistol in H5 is honestly crazy good compared to other halos to compensate for thrust so I think it would just be a matter of lowering the tracking on the hydra Honestly, even in H5, the hydra is so so in arena, basically only works on people who don't know you're there and can't knock you out of scope
  7. Pretty sure it's intentional to cover up their non-existent NPC AI
  8. I wouldn't describe despawning cars and pedestrians anytime you turn around next gen
  9. I think mine needs to update but I'll add you and hit you up some other time. Fair warning, I've only really played H5, but I'm down to get into MCC if you don't mind explaining spawns and shit to me as we go Edit: Totally get it if you'd rather not babysit btw
  10. I've never heard of that but it sounds sick!
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