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  1. He said this week Its Thanksgiving So it'll be a week and then we all go back to work Monday Hope this clears things up
  2. Idk how much they listened to em considering they'd all want a utility that was the exact same as H5s and I think we'd all agree that would be an improvement Assuming they fixed the aiming which lol, lmao and so forth
  3. I'm hoping 343 gives Adam and EsportsEngine leeway with the comp settings, that would be legit, but I'm not gonna hold my breath Also, till forge launches I don't even know if they have the tools regardless
  4. I'm honestly surprised there's no sidekick secondary, I think people dropping the br for snipe would've made for some fun interactions with the gun but that's just me being nitpicky Not a huge fan of the br as it is rn but I'm also not a fan of the commando so we'll see I guess, I didn't get to use either too much in the flights outside of the academy so I'm interested to see how starting with it feels There were def some questionable perfects in that video though and I don't like that
  5. The shot that kills him is like wut Also the glare is real obnoxious
  6. They really worked on this shit for so long just to give us a prepatch version of H5 that doesn't have a decent utility anywhere Every map in this game just feels so dumb, the UI is so bad at communicating info that at no point do I really know where people are or what the fuck is happening lmao The sound this game makes when someone makes an objective play is the worst thing in the world
  7. Sliding looks p crazy, especially when combined with a ramp
  8. I have, I like it. I wish the changes they made had been made a year in instead of three but that's 343 for you
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