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  1. I miss dunking on cratos and all the weekly memes. And the season where Str8 had a crazy comeback streak. And Roy going full Leeroy Jenkins. Pro league was good, wish it was managed better
  2. Compared to the Halo community's relentless good cheer of course
  3. Might as well just switch to talking about MW till Infinite drops at this rate, fucks sake (I'm not mad at Snakebite ofc, just our comp scene, I hope he crushes it)
  4. Buddy, we only talk about COD here. Stop trying to go off topic with Halo, or whatever that game is called
  5. This is so dope. Wish it was happening closer to MCC PC though. Convince some people to hop on just to screw around in their old custom modes and maps.

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