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  1. Sounds a lot like they're aiming for when they tested H5 with BR and gunfighter starts. The gunfighter is a 6sk but shoots crazy quick and is also a fast switch but has little aim assist so it's tough
  2. Yeah the plasma pistol in H5 is honestly crazy good compared to other halos to compensate for thrust so I think it would just be a matter of lowering the tracking on the hydra Honestly, even in H5, the hydra is so so in arena, basically only works on people who don't know you're there and can't knock you out of scope
  3. Pretty sure it's intentional to cover up their non-existent NPC AI
  4. I wouldn't describe despawning cars and pedestrians anytime you turn around next gen
  5. I think mine needs to update but I'll add you and hit you up some other time. Fair warning, I've only really played H5, but I'm down to get into MCC if you don't mind explaining spawns and shit to me as we go Edit: Totally get it if you'd rather not babysit btw
  6. I've never heard of that but it sounds sick!
  7. Oh yup that was it. And I think a lot of people would agree that Slayer in Halo is pretty meh. CTF I like in H5, but find boring as hell in H3 but that matches what you said about movement. (I also can't stand it in H3 cause the announcer drives me insane tbh)
  8. I remember you've explained a couple of times how you see the two as interchangeable and very similar in how they're played. I don't feel the same way personally, but I get your point.
  9. Patches or unique armor pieces might be fun too. And if they could make skins for all weapons but also apply those skins to on map weapons this time around lol.
  10. I love watching Saiyan play so I'm glad he's with a solid org again. Hopefully we see some great tourneys going into next year
  11. MS threw a lot of money at the the first few H5 tourneys. If it's anything in that ballpark, that's a few mil right there. Plus, H:I being on PC and Game Pass means the audience is way bigger compared to H5.
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