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  1. Not the result I would have wanted in the end, but I had a great weekend watching the tourney, which was basically flawless from a production standpoint. Good work to everyone involved.
  2. I'm irrationally happy that Lethul will be streaming again, but I don't care. This is who I am.
  3. 2 strongholds in the first 4 games of the grand finals so_youre_saying_theres_a_chance.gif
  4. I was having the same issue with Mixer yesterday, but luckily Twitch is carrying the Bravo stream.
  5. Disappointed Str8 got knocked out early in LB. Nemmasist streaming scrims has kept me sane and made me root for Str8 lately.
  6. Good to see some fight out of INF. They could have easily rolled over after that 100-99 SH loss.
  7. Fable v Berserker on the Bravo stream is a pretty good matchup.
  8. Knowing that HWC is next weekend is going to get me through M-Fri at work.
  9. Looks like Saiyan will be streaming the NV v Tox scrim a little later tonight, for anyone suffering from OpTic/Tox withdrawal after Frosty stopped streaming scrims.
  10. If anyone can learn from a loss, study tape, and come out ready to counter the Splyce style, it's Tox. Excited for Seattle next month.
  11. This series is wild. Really makes me appreciate how bad I am at this game.
  12. Curious to see Splyce play OBJ since they practice 2v2 (slayer, I assume) rather than traditional 4v4 scrims.
  13. Butters just needs to take Dadbite's advice and slow it down and get his kills
  14. SnakeBite looks jacked in his pic projected behind him on the stage.
  15. It's really throwing me off that there's a Lethul and a Lethal, and the UK one isn't the one who spells it with a "u"
  16. Tox, Splyce, and Envyus all on the same side of the bracket tomorrow. Yikes.
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