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  1. This should be the team of whose name should never be spoken.
  2. Or it could be the imposter Naded in the matches, and the Real Naded doesnt even know what went down. And the real Naded will make it right when he finds out.
  3. Well we already Know that 3/4 Optic has accepted the scumbags. Heres hoping Lxthul is the man!!
  4. I am glad you are no fan of Naded, If you are playing on that team, and obviously you knew what slime was going down, Execute the slime plan, and then you are mocking Bubu and making fun of screwing him over, and you are still playing as we speak, that says all you need to know. If Naded had any Character and was innocent, he would have bailed out of that scene once the mocking began. Just the facts
  5. Thats good to know, the real naded probably at home getting a good nights sleep, and the sleazy slimy guy imposter naded is playing with them right now, there should be a rule about people impersonating a legend and playing with Cratos, I hope that naded gets up in the morning and goes off on whoever is playing under his name as we speak!
  6. That would certainly confirm that Showtime has no character. But look at the 4 guys on the team, they dont have any Character either , so makes sense that he would be behind them all the way.
  7. It would be really cool if the other Pro League teams treated them like they did not even exist, Hopefully no pro teams will scrim them ever, would say a lot about the character of any teams recognizing them in any way. I would hate to be the loser team that scrims them first.
  8. Horrible, wonder if Naded will get the player award this year? They are certainly losers in life, I know that doesnt matter much in our world, but it will be funny, this will launch BUBU so far in popularity. I will be at St Louis and so hope that the seedings are set up so Bubu gets em 1st round, and all the love that will be showered upon these losers. And they absolutely knew everyone would hate them for being truly evil, and they embraced their evil and mocked the innocent. This is truly a low in HALO, great for the community
  9. Absolutely makes Showtime a lifelong villain, it was so not worth it, He must feel Cratos is his only option, give them credit, they will go down together
  10. So officially Bubu and Cratos keep the spot,their team is now seeded, after "lock"bubu quits, so the seeded team stays seeded and replaces bubu and they have a seed for summer league????? is this what happened??
  11. So cratos gets the HWC seed, and now there are 2 pro league seeds gone?? I am Lost!!!
  12. Way off Topic!! You forget that there is a universal double standard applied to Ninja, so any Logical and rational comparisons have no part in this discussion For arguments sake, lets assume he ends up on a top 6 or 7 team. He is worth a lot more to Halo than any player from fall league that ended up in the bottom seeds. As has been said over and over, Halo Needs Ninja a hell of a lot more than he needs halo.Ninja is simply a great Halo player with a HUGE following and it is Fantasic that he is playing Halo!

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