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  1. Hello, Team of 3 looking for one for Daytona! We play 6 nights a week for practice and would need someone willing to do so as well. We play usually anywhere from 7:30pm est to 1-2am est. We are going to Daytona 100%, need to find a fourth within the next couple days to buy our team pass and to prepare, if you are not 100 percent sure that you can go, please DO NOT reply. We are looking for a player at least higher onyx level, very good communication, DOES NOT RAGE, and is open to strategies. Must be a good slayer at high onyx level, but a great objective player willing to rotate and put aside stats at times for the win. If you are looking to try out, add my GT Ty HCS and message me on there. We are trying people out tonight looking to find that fourth! Thank you guys, I look forward to playing.
  2. Looking for a 4th to go to ATL with and also team online to play scrims and practice until then. Must be able to play as a team 5 nights a week! Have to be able to communicate when we can play as a team and have a schedule with a decent amount of flexibility. We are looking for good communication, no raging at other teammates, solid slayer and plays well objective wise. All of us are level Onyx players myself being over Onyx 2000 last season. If you are not 100% willing to go to LAN events and practice 5 nights a week then please don't reply. I appreciate the read and hope to find our fourth! Gamertag is Ty HCS. Add me and reach out to me on Xbox if serious to try out. Thank you!
  3. Hello, my gamertag is Ty HCS. I was onyx 2000+ last month in Arena, I am looking for a team for ATL and to team with in general. I am looking for 100% dedicated players willing to put the work in as a team. I have had too many people message me/ play but only get on a couple times a week. looking to be able to find a team that is willing to scrim to improve, play on a consistent basis and be able to reach out to one another in times where we can't get on. Looking for people who can play as a team 5-6 nights a week, players who have good communication and is willing to fill roles as we need it. I am hoping to find this team within a couple weeks to prepare and get the ball rolling. Add me at Ty HCS and message me on that account with any questions or to start playing! Appreciate it and ready to get this team going!!!
  4. Hello, we are a team of two looking for two more players to play with and play competitively. We are going to the next LAN tournament after worlds so we need teammates that are willing to go to that. Another thing we need most weeks is players that are able to play 6 days a week hours around 7pm est-12:30-1am. We have to be able to reach out if we team so just being able to communicate on the Xbox app would not be enough... Tired of finding players who "want a team" but don't want to actually play more than a couple days a week. We need serious players, with good communication and willing to put the work in to get better as a team... My GT is Ty HCS. Of course we need you to be at least a decent level onyx player... If you are serious about the grind and looking for a team please reach out to me. Thanks everyone!
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