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  1. I think the Halo experiment just needs to end. It was an OK run but even a new developer (ie anyone but 343) can't bring this series back. Honestly there is just too much going against the Halo series right now. PC dominates the overall gaming market. There are like 3 times as many PS4's than XBONE's in the market. A huge chunk of Halo's fan base switched to COD during Reach/H4 and never came back. The next Halo may be the last and whoever develops it needs to put all they have into saving it. Needs to launch with a competitive multiplayer experience right out of the box, NO wasting $$$ on Warzone content garbage, and using very few resources to make a serviceable campaign. The competitive multiplayer experience needs to be #1. And for the love of God, comp on PC. It's time to let Halo fly and the under powered XBOX hardware and crappy install base is just holding Halo back.

    PC market is not even close to dominating the gaming market. Here, just look at the Battlefield 1 player count across three platforms: http://bf1stats.com


    And the PS4 sold two times as many consoles than the Xbox One, not three. A quick Google search and you'd know that. A lot of PS4 sales come from the European and Japanese markets, which the Xbox always struggled with. If you're going to throw around stats, at least try to back it up. 

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  2. We've used universal settings in H5 for a year and a half now and I've seen absolutely no benefit it's brought to our scene. The only thing it's done is made casuals and competitive players bicker more over who 343 is catering too.


    If universal settings are the way to go (they aren't), then the casual community needs to submit to competitive balancing, not vice versa.

    I'm for competitive balancing and using it to influence universal settings in the casual community. Why wouldn't I want the best version of the game? I just don't see how sprint is ruining things. Some things I don't agree with. 

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  3. well considering it's community is so low on the most played games list for xbox, it's the lowest selling halo in the series(albeit for various reasons), and that the population is dwindled so much, i'd say that community following it is running on fumes. 


    >i want to play

    >many players dont

    you mean the minority of halo players who didn't jump ship after 3/reach? what is this waypoint? dont tell me you actually believe the majority of halo fans actually prefer the newer halos to the older ones. 


    Without numbers, I can't answer your question. All 343 said is "player retention is the best since Halo 3." That only means so much. And due to reasons outside of Halo, the game hasn't sold as well. 


    I can't speak on behalf of the community and whether they prefer newer to older Halos. Fans of both styles exist. That's about as much as I can safely assume.  

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  4. >this is the best version of halo we've had in a really long time.


    this means very little since the titles that preceded it range from average(h2a) to dogshit (h4). doesn't really make h5 a good halo game by that metric


    your argument is the same short term thinking that has plauging console esports in recent years; throw money at the problem instead of making a game people want to play and then supporting it on a comp level. and then people wonder why we've lost ground to gears or why cod is now going backwards according to recent rumors.


    Halo 5 is a fantastic game independent of the quality of Reach - H2A. I'm not saying Halo 5 is good in comparison - it's just good. A Good Halo game means the community and it's known players follow. That's why it matters. 


    The second part of your argument doesn't make sense to me because this is the game I want to play. Properly supported events are what's missing if you're a fan of the current Halo style. While many players prefer the pace of Halo 3 or previous games, many players don't. 

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  5. by that same token, having ar starts clearly didn't grow the game either. removing it isn't going to hurt growth, especially when it's only up from here.

    So we should remove ARs just because? That's not a reason.


    Growth is dependent on promotion and support, not the starting weapon. If you want growth, keep watching and just hope 343 and ESL start promoting their events. If you want bigger crowds, then use bigger venues closer to the rest of North America. West Coast events alienate huge chunks of fans who can't travel that far. These are the issues, not how the game plays. If anything, this is the best version of Halo we've had in a really long time. Let's try to embrace that. 

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  6. The bullet spread in CS isnt random though. It varies per gun but follows the same pattern whenever you fire, so you can learn to compensate. It actually makes the autos in that game very deep and skillful.

    The patterns have their own level of randomness, but I see what you mean. If you don't just hold down the trigger with the H5 AR, I think the approach to compensate for randomness is similar. Regardless, the RNG element is there, so sometimes someone will win fights they have no business winning. 

  7. There is a LOT of middle ground between the H5 AR and the H3 AR where it could be a very effective weapon without having a par or better perfect TTK with the main "utility weapon".


    And yes, consistent repeatable spread does make it more reliable, but it also makes it less random meaning the person with the better aim will actually win every time like they should. Right now the random spread will sometimes give the player with worse aim the win.


    Reliability does not need to correlate with ease of use

    The bullet spread argument is similar to how weapons work in CS:GO. Random bullets might reward players in unfavorable situations, but the better player will more than likely come out on top. 

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  8. This isn't really an argument because I can say that about anything.


    "Shotgun starts are good because the shotgun serves a very specific purpose. Who wants to see up close whirlwind pistol fights?".


    the real question is, what does a weapon that is incredibly easy to use and very strong at close range add to the competitive settings? If your answer is, "it fits the close range weapon role", that's circular logic.

    That's a bit of an exaggeration. A shotgun can swing games in a few seconds because of it's one shot kill capabilities on multiple players. While an AR might help you win a fight, you aren't taking down three as fast a shotgun would.


    There are tons of easy to use weapons in Halo 5, but how you approach those engagements is where the skill comes in. Someone can hold a tight space with an AR, but if I have a SMG, I'm winning that fight everyday. So the AR is powerful, sure, but there are many ways and weapons to deal with them. 

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  9. I think a "whirlwind" close range pistol fight is an aiming issue not a weapon issue.


    The thing is, the AR does NOT serve a very specific purpose. Its got longer range than an auto should, does bonus headshot damage like 1/2 a precision weapon and is paired with random spread that sometimes awards headshots and sometimes doesnt regardless of accuracy.


    If it had a consistently patterned spread, was only effective at close range and didnt do bonus headshot damage people wouldnt have as much of a problem with it.

    I'm also thinking about the AR in relation to the weapons sandbox. Halo 5 makes all weapons viable options, unlike past games. So while you can argue about it's effective range, I'm afraid nerfs will make the AR like the Halo 3 version. The Halo 3 AR was useless, and I never want to have to deal with that crap again. 


    Doesn't a consistent spread make the AR more reliable though? The risk of missing a shot reduces it's effectiveness, so the randomness can either reward/hurt players. 

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  10. I just got an incredible idea.


    Remove AR primaries, and place 1-2 of them on the map.


    This way, no one can complain about less "variety" since they're still on the map. And we can even say that weapon variety has to be earned through map control.

    Pistols serve a very specific purpose, as does the AR. Remove one and you handcuff the player at either range or at close range. Who wants to see up close whirlwind pistol fights? 

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  11. I'm not sure if this is the same scenario, but it could be it. At that event we (Ambush) were playing Carbon in Game 5 Amplified TS when it was 49-49 and Nexus assassinated one of them for the 50th kill. I'm pretty sure Nexus said something after the game. Amplified didn't have CTF so you are either talking about Amplified TS or Onslaught CTF.

    The game ended with the assassination, so Team Slayer makes more sense. After looking at some pictures I'm still sure it was Amplified and not Onslaught. Thanks for this. Out of all of the games at the event, this is the one thing I remember most. 

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  12. I'm trying to clarify some details about a past MLG Halo 3 event.


    It was MLG 2008 in Toronto during the Fan Expo event. The main stage was at the far end of the building and the side stations to the right. I was watching a series on one of the side stations. Someone choked last second and got assassinated bottom middle while running the flag on Amplified. When the game ended, someone stood up and pointed at each person on the other team and yelled, "YOU SUCK." 


    Anyone know the teams or players? I tell this story all the time. 

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