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  1. PC market is not even close to dominating the gaming market. Here, just look at the Battlefield 1 player count across three platforms: http://bf1stats.com And the PS4 sold two times as many consoles than the Xbox One, not three. A quick Google search and you'd know that. A lot of PS4 sales come from the European and Japanese markets, which the Xbox always struggled with. If you're going to throw around stats, at least try to back it up.
  2. I'm for competitive balancing and using it to influence universal settings in the casual community. Why wouldn't I want the best version of the game? I just don't see how sprint is ruining things. Some things I don't agree with.
  3. Universal settings are what makes games like DOTA 2 so great. There is value in watching pros perfect the exact same game you're playing. I don't understand you're second part. I'm not saying that at all.
  4. Without numbers, I can't answer your question. All 343 said is "player retention is the best since Halo 3." That only means so much. And due to reasons outside of Halo, the game hasn't sold as well. I can't speak on behalf of the community and whether they prefer newer to older Halos. Fans of both styles exist. That's about as much as I can safely assume.
  5. Halo 5 is a fantastic game independent of the quality of Reach - H2A. I'm not saying Halo 5 is good in comparison - it's just good. A Good Halo game means the community and it's known players follow. That's why it matters. The second part of your argument doesn't make sense to me because this is the game I want to play. Properly supported events are what's missing if you're a fan of the current Halo style. While many players prefer the pace of Halo 3 or previous games, many players don't.
  6. So we should remove ARs just because? That's not a reason. Growth is dependent on promotion and support, not the starting weapon. If you want growth, keep watching and just hope 343 and ESL start promoting their events. If you want bigger crowds, then use bigger venues closer to the rest of North America. West Coast events alienate huge chunks of fans who can't travel that far. These are the issues, not how the game plays. If anything, this is the best version of Halo we've had in a really long time. Let's try to embrace that.
  7. I don't think I can go back to sprintless Halo. The movement is what makes Halo 5 so great. And removing the AR wouldn't help the game grow. Thousands of viewers won't start watching the competitive side because of magnum starts. The two aren't related.
  8. With the HWC over, I hope we see more maps sooner than later. Current rotation is a little stale. I like the way the game plays right now, but I think radar changes can make room for flanks.
  9. Pretty great games this weekend. Consistent sound and video production really goes a long way. I still think the Las Vegas tournament was the best Halo 5 event so far, which shouldn't be the case considering this is the Championship. If anything, I hope the venue drama ensures we won't ever see something so half-assed for live spectators.
  10. The March 3-5 event in Las Vegas means an event at PAX East the following weekend is unlikely, right?
  11. I hope the new format means a points event at PAX East. I just renewed my passport and I won't leave Boston happy without watching some live Halo.
  12. Already said this in reply to someone else. I guess you just missed it.
  13. The patterns have their own level of randomness, but I see what you mean. If you don't just hold down the trigger with the H5 AR, I think the approach to compensate for randomness is similar. Regardless, the RNG element is there, so sometimes someone will win fights they have no business winning.
  14. The bullet spread argument is similar to how weapons work in CS:GO. Random bullets might reward players in unfavorable situations, but the better player will more than likely come out on top.
  15. That's a bit of an exaggeration. A shotgun can swing games in a few seconds because of it's one shot kill capabilities on multiple players. While an AR might help you win a fight, you aren't taking down three as fast a shotgun would. There are tons of easy to use weapons in Halo 5, but how you approach those engagements is where the skill comes in. Someone can hold a tight space with an AR, but if I have a SMG, I'm winning that fight everyday. So the AR is powerful, sure, but there are many ways and weapons to deal with them.
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