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  1. destiny 2 beta tage. gameplay and editing from me
  2. i added a few pages on the people on here. that shit is tiring since I cant msg everyone at once anymore. add -Novaloso-
  3. I need more H5 friends. Onyx in Slayer, Team Arena, Swat, and FFA. I'm on at least 3 hour everyday. gt- Novaloso. NA
  4. Disclaimer : As former members of the Halo Community. This video is Foxx and Nova's FIRST ATTEMPT at creating a high quality destiny montage community...... Please Enjoy. If this something you would like to see more of, let it be known. Otherwise, FOVA 2 will still happen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33TfNxJmvBA music intro: words as weapons - seether blank space (remix) - yonas memes - d-Pryde ft. phone eg outro : push - herzeloyde Contact INFO : XBOX ONE GTS: FoxxEatsCookies Novaloso Skype: theofficialfoxx dakimordj Special Thanks:::: BUNGIE!!!!! Thank you for creating an amazing game and giving something to play for at all times as well as something to enjoy and something new to dominate in . We hope to establish a new media based community and bring more light to the awesome game you've created. In additions to the creators of destiny we'd like to thank: Ryan Lee Mike Bryan (Brian?) Pops TripleWRECK (you're Nova's hero) Please Enjoy this video as much as we enjoyed playing and creating it for you.
  5. No my clips aren't as good as Ninjas or Sudd2's, but you should still enjoy this video. I hope. this game play is from the 12 hours of total play time I had on the beta. oh yea.. i edited it as well.
  6. edit was sick.. the clips definitely looked impressive. i dont wanna hate but PSN kids are no competition lol.
  7. There's probably already one of these (threads), but seeing i'm not really a forum user here I wouldn't know. I DID want to say this though ; From the News on the homepage updated everyday to the streams tab, this site is everything I could ask for. I'm never out of the loop when it comes to gaming news, I can always find someone good to watch, and I'm never wondering about the competitive halo scene. So the founders and staff of teambeyond.net.... Pat yourself on the back, you're awesome. _thats all. kthnxbai. <3 Nova
  8. 23 minutes looked intimidating at first. however, I loved every second on it. thank you ace thank you snipetality for this. hopefully it does some good for the community. Btw, this was an Instant Classic.
  9. To Unyshek Love, Nova. I used MAYBE 50 % of his gp. The best is yet to come. Enjoy
  10. so pretty much the title says it all. as for background about myself... you might know me for editing halo montages blahblahblah thats cool and all, but im looking to begin playing competitively online for now, and depending on how that goes possibly events. i've been a diehard halo kid since halo 2, so i have good understanding of the how the competitive side of halo is. Id consider myself a matchmaking kid right now more than anything lol. I have the shot ability and a decent sense of awareness i'd say, i just lack the friends list i had at one point. im looking for kids who just run customs constantly who can help catch on with the swing of things as well as have a little patience for my newness to it all. my gt is : Nova Dysphoria : all friends are greatly greatly appreciated. thanks, and look forward to playing.
  11. Hi. Im Nova, the newest member of the GoBeyond editing roster. Im excited for this new site, hope you all enjoy it as well as the content we look forward to providing. Remember to tell a friend to tell a friend.
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