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  1. Does anyone remember what pros thought of arena breakout? (Like on the normal maps) I’m guessing it’s the same dislike as normal breakout, but can’t remember what they said.
  2. I like this trophy. Wasn’t a fan of last years but still think the 2016 one looks better just cause it looks solid if you know what I mean
  3. isn’t is also the name of their group chat with a couple other pros that they’re friends with like stellur, eco, apg, etc?
  4. I think he wanted to and started some prep work for it but just never got to it/had the time
  5. No idea. I don’t like how it’s single elim to determine 9th. I was surprised there wasn’t more talk about it when it came out but I guess everyone was just so happy that the TO was MLG
  6. top 2 from each pool go into a champ bracket and qualify for worlds. 3rd from each pool go into a seperate single elimination bracket and whoever wins that gets the 9th NA spot for worlds
  7. couldn’t find a specific thing in the rule book, but it doesn’t make sense that they would be allowed to change rosters after qualifying for worlds
  8. I should probably watch more gameplay before I say this, but I watched the Splyce vs OpTic oddball game on the Rig and it felt like just hide in one spot until the enemy find you, try to get away, throw ball off map, repeat. It was ok to watch cause it’s something different but I could see it not being fun to watch after a bit
  9. difference here is this is one of the only times I remember a draw on sanctuary slayer. Fathom flag has replays almost every series. Plus draws in slayers very rarely happen which is why this is amazing Also, don’t like the new Str8 logo. You can’t just change something like that
  10. No. Unless they pick up a new team which I don’t think will happen for this worlds at least
  11. Today I found out my brother beat my high school finals marks. But I couldn’t care less since WE GOT MLG! Also excited to see Orlando and actual group play there with teams from the non NA regions guaranteed places in group play.
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