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  1. Guys, I've been hosting so many games of H3 MLG. What you waiting for?
  2. Everyone, stop believing in ghosts! (They do not exist!) Haha... No but seriously guys, lets play some H3 !!!
  3. I'm sure your tag will fill up pretty quick. I was running 4 custom tags as well not too long ago before I stopped playing. I will forsure join your list, though I was just simply trying to help revive the hype of H3. The more the merrier, right? -T
  4. I have just created an account for players looking to play MLG variant gametypes on Halo 3. This tag will be checked and cleaned regularly. Please send a friend request to the tag and I will add you! Please don't add this tag if you aren't serious about playing H3. XBL Customs List GT: aHaloMLGCustoms ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ If you want to add my tag that's no problem. Be sure you are a good/mature player, have a mic and want to play Halo 3 regularly. XBL GT: Transkrypt ^^^^^^^^ Thank you for your time, Peace!
  5. Add me for MLG matchmaking or MLG custom variants. Mature/Good players only. Thanks, ---Transkrypt P.S. I also forgot to mention, I've made an extra "customs list" just for Halo. So feel free to add that if the above lists are full. This account will be checked regularly to see if all players are usually on Halo. If you never join when invited and or never playing Halo, then most likely you will be taken off so that I can put players that really want to play Halo only. Cheers. GT: aHaloMLGCustoms ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  6. Hey guys, I would love to get back on H3! I've got some exams right now, but I'll still be able to play a bit. Hit me up if anyone is interested!
  7. Custom games or pubs / Halo I'm trying to rebuild my friends list. Peace homies, ---- Transkrypt
  8. Montreal here! GT: Transkrypt
  9. Dad as in dead? Thanks man! I just miss playing Halo... You play? I wanted to rebuild my friends list. I ain't pro but I have a great attitude and a will to win. Just looking for some good players to run some games!
  10. I'm getting back into Halo, so hit me up for some custom games! GT: Transkrypt
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