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  1. We'll probably get them a few hours before the first match.
  2. So much this. I wonder how many of the current pros are going to find themselves on the outside looking in. Not saying he'll fall out, because he is way too ridiculous too be an AM, but isn't Penguin one who claims his AR is better than his magnum?
  3. Can we please fix matchmaking? Solo que vs To4 has never been fun.
  4. Seems like there is never any time for the pros to "test" out the settings, due to 343's short term announcement of events. But can't some of this land on the pros? "Oh the next event is in less than a month... shit, guess we can't try out the new settings in order to give proper feedback. Better ride it out for another year". The things proper communication and planning would solve. Who knew.
  5. I am getting to this point too. Carbines and BRs on Truth are seemingly more OP as the days go on as well.
  6. Were there not supposed be skins in this release, along with armor and other reqs? I logged on when I was at home during lunch, got the update, and I still had 100% for armor, skins and visors.
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