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  1. It would absolutely blow my mind to see ContrA as the odd man out. The dude has a top 3 Magnum shot, couple that with the new settings and you would think he'd be destroying consistently.
  2. Easily Halo 5. The amount of tweaking I've had to do with sensitivities, controllers and thumb sticks is insane. Starting to wonder why I put the effort in... haha
  3. If EG ends up going with Naded and Falcated, who is going to slay?
  4. I believe they did on Elevate, I think it was Randa, Heinz, Dan. Can't recall who the 4th was.
  5. Spartan would be a solid fit on Str8 imo. Probably a more proven slayer than Renegade, as well.
  6. I would like to see no AR, and SA radar for doubles as well.
  7. He has done nothing but improve halo since he has returned.
  8. Oh come on, don't bring that logic in here. That's Nonsense.
  9. You make a valid point there. Host was noticeably faster sense wise though.
  10. I feel like some people tend to forget, but "heavy aim" did exist to some extent in halo 3. I had plenty of sensitivity crisis' depending on the connection. Some played fast, others extremely slow and heavy.
  11. Potato quality I know. But this is 343s definition of solo queue.
  12. Gunfire showing up on radar is another form of free information that 343 has provided. Gunfire doesn't have a benefit towards competitive play imo, as we should be increasing awareness, not reducing it.
  13. True, but Frosty made it pretty clear that they have plenty of control and say of what settings will be played.
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