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  1. Elite controller owners: What are your sensitivity curves and other aiming settings at? Just got one and enjoying the taller sticks (have big hands) but also having a sens crisis. Was on 1/5/5 with default controller. Didn't see a recent elite thread and didn't want to necro-post. Plus I think there are more H5 players here than in the actual H5 thread :apg:

    I use the tall stick with 1,3.5,5 - Seems to be the best for me so far. 3,3 was pretty good too.

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  2. With that said, Bungie let mlg do their thing. No dumbass rules, no compromised playlists.


    It's crazy that a lack of dev support was actually the better situation.

    I would agree with this, however I am looking at the positive for the rest of H5, and H6 when it arrives.


    It seems 343 had some learnings over the past few years (yes late) and allowed the pros to have full control over the HCS playlist.

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  3. I like it tbh, idk if i can come up with some logic to back up why i like it, but i like it. I guess in a way it limits cross mapping, also makes pushing a closed area on a flank a little more effective. Like snipe on coli, if you have some sort of flank while your team pushes from the other side, the other team will be shooting, and yes the sound of the shots is pretty much good enough but the radar helps. Idk, it plays fine imo, makes certain plays more effective and certain plays less effective. Works well with the gameplay, maybe im wrong though because i havent played much without it, but ya i actually feel like it works well

    Where I have the issue with shooting showing up on the radar is when the levels of the map come into play. Yes headsets will give you a general direction of where the sound is coming from, but when I shoot and show up on radar, my opponent knows if I am directly above, below, or on the same level. THAT is the problem.

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