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  1. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Cpt%20C/video/31679324 How does this flag auto-reset? Thank you 343.
  2. EG vs LG was pretty entertaining. Ninja got embarrassed on fathom flag.
  3. I use the tall stick with 1,3.5,5 - Seems to be the best for me so far. 3,3 was pretty good too.
  4. This is the same argument for nV. Then you throw in the h3 domination of Ola and Snipedown, pce OpTic
  5. The current EG is quite similar to the old optic. Former stars who don't seem to have the motivation to perform
  6. With these recent EG placings it really goes to show how much Snipedown was carrying the twins.
  7. Always seems to be the same results, tourney after tourney... yawn
  8. No coach for LG and they take game 1. Are coaches overrated? I am starting to think so. Edit:
  9. I would agree with this, however I am looking at the positive for the rest of H5, and H6 when it arrives. It seems 343 had some learnings over the past few years (yes late) and allowed the pros to have full control over the HCS playlist.
  10. Where I have the issue with shooting showing up on the radar is when the levels of the map come into play. Yes headsets will give you a general direction of where the sound is coming from, but when I shoot and show up on radar, my opponent knows if I am directly above, below, or on the same level. THAT is the problem.
  11. showing up on radar while shooting does need to be removed. That, or couldn't we just make the tac mag the starting weapon? It does seem a little more difficult to use when compared with the regular magnum.
  12. Have to give a shutout to huke as one of the best in the game as well, as soon as he left E6 they crumbled.
  13. Who was on Snipedowns squad? Anyone known? There are also solid randoms out there that can go hot for a game
  14. He has been top 2 for the majority of H5, imo. A toss up between him and Snakebite really. Royal 2 seems more consistent in terms of stats, though.
  15. According to some, liquid was supposed to benefit the most from the new settings
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