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  1. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Cpt%20C/video/31679324 How does this flag auto-reset? Thank you 343.
  2. EG vs LG was pretty entertaining. Ninja got embarrassed on fathom flag.
  3. I use the tall stick with 1,3.5,5 - Seems to be the best for me so far. 3,3 was pretty good too.
  4. This is the same argument for nV. Then you throw in the h3 domination of Ola and Snipedown, pce OpTic
  5. The current EG is quite similar to the old optic. Former stars who don't seem to have the motivation to perform
  6. With these recent EG placings it really goes to show how much Snipedown was carrying the twins.
  7. Always seems to be the same results, tourney after tourney... yawn
  8. No coach for LG and they take game 1. Are coaches overrated? I am starting to think so. Edit:
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