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  1. Sad to hear about the retirement. T2 was always one of my favorite pros. Hopefully he'll stay int he scene. His story is pretty amazing and a good example of giving something your all.
  2. Same here. I was getting concerned that my Astro's just stopped working.
  3. Is there an issue with Mic connectivity in this game? Seems like the first game I play mic works fine, and then after that I have to unplug and replug 2-3 times before it will register.
  4. 100% any sort of customizable weapon skins that would support the growth of HCS and other org's I'm totally for it. I've been wanting more weapon skins for a long time. Take note 343i
  5. Just got the MCC Bundle over the weekend. I've had the app crash twice in two very short playing sessions. Once on an H2C game of Lockout and another loading Warlord. On a few H2A loading screens I'll get that jittery music when the map is loading but eventually it will load. I've noticed if I shut the console off in the menus and come back to it the app will still be "running" and if I try and search it will never find a game. I have to quit the app after I'm doing playing to ensure a smoother ride.
  6. Well if someone already got the client and modded it to use on a local system, it's possible.
  7. This is really cool stuff. Some from 343i should do similar for HCS players.
  8. Totally just realized that's Avalanche but in a forest/desert setting. From a casual standpoint it looks cool. But competitively not so much
  9. How did you manage to get all of these? From events or buying online?
  10. It's built in the H3 engine, that's why it looks very similar to H3
  11. In a recent press conference for a Russian developer "Innova" it is launching, in partnership with 343i, Saber Interactive, and Microsoft, Halo Online. HO will be a free to play multiplayer shooter for the PC, exclusively in Russia for the time being. Above is what appears to be an early build of the interface. Which is reportedly being run off the H3 engine. Where as the source says it's a multiplayer experience, it also states that the events of the story take place in the time period between H3 and H4. Visually running off the H3 engine, the interface seems very H4-esque. According to a NeoGAF thread the specifics are as follows: 4-16 players Graphics on par with Halo 4 based on Halo 3 engine Power-ups and weapons pick-ups on the battlefield Rich visual and gameplay customization of weapons and armor There will be vehicles. f2p is about weapons, armor and power-ups Right now developers said nothing about story mode and there is likely the game will be MP-PVP only Nothing is too specific in the article, and as far as I can tell there hasn't been any confirmation from Microsoft or 343i. Sources - NeoGAF, Kanobu
  12. It takes all of us to make the community grow. Spectators, content producers, promoters, everyone. I feel like with HCS we have a stable tournament environment. Everything may not be perfect, but we are getting back to where we might have been once before. Very exciting stuff.
  13. Apart from GTA 5 there has never been an instance of where I wasn't able to get a copy at a Gamestop or Best Buy because they ran out. With Digital copies being more and more accessible, there's not a need to pre-order a game. I'd rather wait for it to launch and then get it after seeing some more gameplay. Been duped to many times by this series as of late to commit before seeing the game.
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