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  1. If infused don't get top 6, i don't think that matters because i think everyone should be able to admit, that infused can put a game against the very top when it used to be whenever they played top 4 they'd completely deteriorated
  2. infused took plaza strongholds off splyce... reverse sweep is on
  3. I would have been so gutted after yesterdays game if infused didn't get through
  4. the game types do not go in infused favour whatsoever especially fathom ctf
  5. The fact the player flew when kimbo hit the melee pissed me off so much
  6. That failed back smack cost infused Edit: i meant ghost melee
  7. These have been fantastic Can Respectful's one please be something about his witch laugh or constant moaning
  8. Well done Splyce. Now they should celebrate by giving stellur a haircut
  9. I think this event showed how important bootcamping is for EU teams. While I personally think they have improved since the last event, the lack of bootcamping meant that they weren't able to get used to NA team play styles, timezone etc and as of this they did not perform as well as they would've liked.
  10. The EU scene has been told to wait till 6 (4 hours) until the can play their quarters finals so gfinity can stream it. It finished last week at 6 and if gfin want to stream all the games it may finish at 11pm GMT.
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