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  1. Its still much easier than just spawning with a pistol though. It helps with strategy off the spawn there. The BR can flank easier or something like that.
  2. The BR in Cafe on Plaza is a huge change imo. It makes it so you can push out of cafe easier instead of getting spawn sniped with just a pistol out you can 4 shot br him across map.
  3. I use to play with bubu dubu a lot in reach he was beyond sick for a kid his age at the time. Only downfall is he could never call out because of his brother in the same room as him sleeping.
  4. Great Vlog, I completely agree with his statements. I honestly think that E6 can improve more and more to be a better team.
  5. Hey guys, Danoxide, Hamy, Heinz and Ryanoob are still running
  6. Just played against Danoxide,Hamy,Heinz,Ryanoob Intell???????
  7. Yeah I just matched Suspector Eltown Stellur and Eco definitely running
  8. GT- Sabrea looking for Onyx and Champion players. Tired of playing by myself its just too much. HMU.
  9. I absolutely love both halo 5 and pc gaming. I would say buying a used xbox would be a great choice.
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