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  1. Add StarStruckin, Local talent, lives in North Georgia. Trying to find possible teammates! currently teaming with Hide and Tweak and Faint Fives. Faint also being my local, we have all placed top 32 before and Tweak was pro in reach. 

  2. Great teammate, made it in top 32 once at an event in halo 3, also placed top 48 2 times. Wanting to get back in it and find great teammates. Faint Fives and Hide and Tweak could possibly be two of our teammates if we ffind the right person. Hide and tweak and Faint Fives have both placed top 20 and Tweak placing top 5 in Halo Reach. Serious inquiries only, if you are a team of 3 i would still like to run with you to look at the potential we could have. Message StarStruckin on xbl, or on twitter @StarStruckinHCS

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