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  1. Because I have nothing better to do and I'd like to see this forum enter the 21st century? I'm sorry if you guys think I'm only trying to (gasp!) make it easier to find information for a public resource, but in reality I rarely ever use this site for that purpose as Twitter is much more convenient and is where almost all HCS news is broken in the first place. I think it's truly hilarious that myself and the wiki are now being villainized because I dared to criticize this site's structure. You guys must have some great strategy meetings.
  2. Wtf are you on about? Twitter is where I get 95% of wiki info.
  3. I don't give a shit about LATAM. I just don't think HCS discussion should be confined to whatever meme we're giggling at this week when we essentially have a forum section that isn't being utilized. and lol at literal community cancer trying to project, fuck off
  4. Well what is it then? Why, 10 years after the fact, do we continue to utilize a system that stifles discussion and makes it inconvenient to go back and try to find posts?
  5. I just think it's ridiculous that this site is set up so that we can really only talk about one thing at a time. It's an archaic fixture from the MLG forum days and I assume the main motivation behind keeping it this way is thread view stats.
  6. Ninja stream talk containment thread when The guy has literally vowed never to stream Halo again
  7. Top 9: All of Splyce All of Optic Saiyan From there it gets muddy
  8. If ex-Optic joins Vision Gaming and we all just squint it'll be like nothing happened!
  9. Demon D's recent versions of BtH always felt unofficial since he was the only one on the team with any BtH cred and they weren't exactly lighting it up placing wise. At least with Optic you'd have Lethul and Clutch. I think SnakeBite might've played an event with BtH in Halo 4 too.
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