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  1. Favyn’s new video can basically be summarized in one quote: “It is important that we understand that style will only work if the burden of innovation is adequately accounted for in the other aspects of the game.” It’s not necessarily innovation that’s important, it’s optimization. Everything that should be done to improve the gameplay (including the overall sandbox, map design, and movement) can be found in classic halo, even if those games could’ve been improved. Unfortunately, there has been no positive outcome in 343’s attempt to either recreate or even remaster the original games with classic gameplay. One thing’s for sure; the beta will once again be a crucial period in which we see how 343 incorporates our feedback in Halo: Infinite, for better or worse.
  2. Postums wants Halo 3/4 forge map submissions for the MCC community playlist. In case you happen to know anyone who would be interested. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/92b5c5cfee994e7299608301a6b2eb11/topics/mcc-community-playlist-map-submissions/a54c6229-4fff-4831-ae28-ad48b6bfa80a/posts
  3. How does it feel better? Haven’t been following the opinions of people who’ve played the insider build.
  4. Butters would be the perfect replacement. Absolutely no flaws. /s in case anyone took my first post seriously.
  5. Are you sure that ruleset doesn’t apply only to the new map Refuge and is a completely universal change?
  6. Not like you ever legitimately discussed what people like arglactable, my namez beast, or others were arguing against these mechanics, and instead resorted to obnoxious hyperbole and flaming for these people possessing different opinions. You’ve become a meme at this point within the site.
  7. Do you think a 5 shot kill magnum would work well in a classic halo setting?
  8. Because melee combat isn’t as significant as people make it out to be in halo 5, no matter how much developers try emphasizing it for gameplay. Besides, isn’t the delay only applicable when jumping?
  9. Or remove clamber because that change would render crouch jumping entirely pointless, and because it’s a dull mechanic otherwise. CoD and Battlefield don’t let you shoot while mounting over objects (outside of a perk or 2 in CoD), so why would 343 implement that for clamber?
  10. If we can’t even manage a good theater or spectator mode after more than 2 years of halo 5, how do you expect 343 to somehow be able to pause a live game on lan?
  11. https://clips.twitch.tv/SmoothJoyousHeronKappaPride Short answer: hell no.
  12. What’s the point in discussing something that most of us agree with? Go to Waypoint or r/halo if it makes you feel accomplished.
  13. There’d normally be text saying that he’s following whoever person he’s talking about in the convo. Tashi says to follow HDH when he doesn’t follow him himself.
  14. I’m not holding my breath yet, even if you’re involved.

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